20 facts about me

1. I was born on a Saturday
2. My middle name is Clare
3. I was raised in Bedfont (A small town in England)
4. I now live in Perth Australia
5. I prefer the winter weather (which doesn’t bide well with living in Australia)
6. I also love laying in the sun and reading books (I prefer doing this on holiday)
7. My lucky number is 7
8. My Parents split when I was 4
9. My most fave time of year is Christmas (the build up to be precise)
10. I support Liverpool FC and Perth Glory FC (if they went head to head id pick LFC)
11. My dream is to own a Golden Retriever
12. I despise bananas 
13. I have a tattoo of the infinity symbol on my left wrist
14. Baking is therapeutic to me
15. IKEA is my ultimate fave place to go (I do love assembling the flat packs) 
16. I have 2 half brothers, 1 half sister and 1 step sister
17. I love having hot baths (It’s got to include a lush bathbomb)
18. Most of my possessions are with me due to sentimental reasons
19. My star sign is Aquarius 
20. I read my horoscope everyday

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