now is the time

Hi there,
My name is Abby, I am turning 20 soon and finally  I am starting my first ever blog. I am new at this, and I have no idea where to start. I have always wanted to blog but always found that I was too put off by what other people would think and whether I would be good enough. After ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about it… here I am!
It’s all pretty exciting, not knowing where this will take me, and just being able to type what I want. I wonder if anyone else feels like this.. just kind of guessing their way through?
Before starting I put a lot of thought into my blog name, my first post and what type of blogger I would like to be. It’s definitely not as easy as I initially thought…but it’s all fun and games!  I will use this as my escapism, my happy place and ‘me’ time. (Which is SUPER important to have!)
I was born in England and lived there for the first 16 years of my life. Now, at nearly 20 I am living the next chapter of my life in Perth, Australia. I work in retail and have no experience writing, well except at school, but I was never the top in class.
Most people would call me crazy…I’m the type of person to be quiet at first and then once you get to know me I am waaaay out there! Although I appear happy to people I meet, I have struggled a lot with depression  and anxiety (this isn’t me looking for sympathy, I just know what it’s like and hope that I can show people they are not alone) which has really got in my way in the past. Enough is enough! Now is the time I move on, pick myself up and focus on goals I really want to achieve without anything bringing me down!
As of yet, I am not entirely sure what direction this blog will take.. only that I will write about things I like or dislike and put them all here (hopefully in some kind of order tho) for myself to look back o and if anyone out there would like to read it too.
I hope that if anyone else has had doubts in the past about starting blog that you just go for it. HECK, we only live this life once and you should have no regrets!
I’m looking forward to this,
Love, Abby x

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