’tis the season to be jolly

Christmas is fast approaching and to be completely honest I could not be more excited. To be even more honest with you, I have been listening to a variety of Christmas playlists (thanks to YouTube) since the first week of October. “Noooo that’s waaaay to early” I hear some of you say, but believe you me, I would listen to Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé Christmas hits in April if it was acceptable… and I’d get you singing along with me too!

I’m actually one of those people that prefer the build up to Christmas compared to Christmas Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything Christmassy but I find it much more exciting going present shopping or doing some Christmas baking. I think I prefer it because it lasts longer, I mean I get properly excited around October and as soon as Halloween is over, it’s straight on to ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ (If you’ve not seen either of these, I suggest going to do it right now, yep, now) so I see the build up as a solid 2 months (maybe just under) where every day I will do something Christmassy, I also have a countdown to Christmas Santa chalkboard which I’ve been using since the start of October (judge me). To be fair, my local shopping centre did put their Christmas lights and Christmas trees up on November 1st, and I did see more stores with Christmas decs than Halloween during October… so could I blame retailers for my obsession and the fact I’m so excited, so early on? Probably not, because I was watching Christmas films every day so that’s no doubt why.

My favourite thing about Christmas I’d say, is buying gifts. Because that means wrapping them. And I love wrapping presents. (I will do a gift wrapping blog closer to Christmas). When you’re out shopping for gifts or just doing your weekly food shop, doesn’t it make you happy when you come across something that will be a perfect gift for that special person?  This is also the reason I tend to go overboard when I buy presents. Budgets never really work out for me, and I’m always extending lists. Knowing that you’ve got the perfect present and being able to see that special person open it – gives me a weird tingly feeling or the ‘warm fuzzies’ that I’ve done something good.

When it comes to December 1st this is when it kicks in and no one can tell me it’s too early (woohoo) because this is when we all have our ADVENT CALENADAAAARS! Nowadays there’s so many kinds, chocolate, beauty, even Lego! Another idea which my mum has done is make her own using tiny little buckets on some ribbon (super cute). Most of these ideas can be found on Pinterest. This year even though I’m 19 I will be purchasing a Lego one, because they just look so cool and Lego is amazing. I’ve heard lots of good reviews on them, mainly from people around my age too haha! I will then pass on the Lego pieces to my brother or save them for my children.

Another Christmas tradition is putting up the tree! This is a real family activity that everyone can get involved with (not so much my dad’s idea of fun) once the lights have been sorted. Which is the most challenging part. Anyway once you’ve got your tree up and the lights on… you can create your masterpiece! I do have a tendency to collect tree ornaments over time, usually because they will have a sentimental value to me. For example, when I lived in London, I used to go up to Harrods (a humongous department store) every year on the first weekend of November. If anyone else did this, then you’ll know it was for the Christmas parade. I attended every year for 14 years and collected a bauble every year that would remind me of Harrods. The last year I was able to attend (2013 – the year before I moved to Australia) I purchased a teddy bear ornament wearing the forest green uniform that each of the Harrods door greeters wear.

Along with my collection of sentimental ornaments I do buy a selection of plain baubles to fill up my tree and create a theme. This year (2016) for the little tree that will sit in my room I’ve decided to go for a rose/gold/bronze selection as I just find it so glamorous and simply gorgeous! It doesn’t seem like traditional colours, I know. But my boyfriend picked blue and silver last year and I got to choose this year. That’s what I love, you can make it your own and it still means just as much. So when it comes to your tree, go ALLL out, get creative and add your own special touches to create a magical Christmas feel to suit you!

Writing this blog has given me the inspiration to go on and do a Christmas baking blog (with all my fave festive treats) and a gift wrapping blog, where I will show you my creations and basically my style of wrapping. I take lots of pride in my wrapping and while it won’t be to everyone’s taste, I hope I can pass on some inspiration. I’m just too excited right now.
Please share with me your Christmas traditions or your fave Christmas song… I love hearing what other people love about Christmas!
“He know’s if you’ve been bad or good, SO BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!”
Love, Abby x


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