lush haul


(My guiltiest pleasure)

I decided today that I would finally start my Christmas shopping. It didn’t go very well. In fact I only got one present. DAMMIT. But, I have written out a brief list, so I guess that means I’m kinda organised.
Anyway, as I’m strolling through the shopping centre, I can smell a very familiar scent. Which OF COURSE means that LUSH is just around the corner. YAY. So now, I’m going to share with you, the bits that I picked up. ( I cannot afford everything, if I could, then this blog would be super long. *Sigh*)
First things first, I will be using the LUSH bible (THE NAKED TRUTH – 2016 SUMMER CATALOGUE) to explain each item I have selected. There’s no way I would remember all the information for each one!

I have gone for a variety of scents and have stuck to no particular theme. (I will be buying all the Christmas collection closer to Christmas – it’s also on my wish list!). As you might be able to tell, I’m not fussy when it comes to LUSH products. Not to say that I do have my faves, of course!


– I N T E R G A L A C T I C –

$8.95 AUD

This bath bomb is up there with my faves. As you can see, it looks flamin’ awesome. And if only you could smell it. You’d agree it smells flamin’ awesome too.
There is a strong scent of mint (which I love, especially when it comes to bath and body products). The colour combination works so well, this definetly stood out to me in the shop as the colours are so bright and vibrant. Coming into summer here in Australia, I feel like this is a perfect way to enjoy a bath – fresh scents and vibrant colours swirling around in the water with a touch of sparkle offered by the glitter and shimmer within the mix. I just cannot wait to give this one a try, although it may turn grey when popped in the bath and all the colours mix in together.

– T H E   E X P E R I M E N T E R –

$8.95 AUD

The experimenter is a sweet scented sensation. It is vividly coloured which is similar to Intergalactic. Again, this is perfect as a summer bath treat. Exciting for the eyes and just as stimulating for the nose too.
This one is more on the suttle side with hints of vanilla and popping candy. The smells really can bring out your inner child, or the sweeter side you have. I would recommend this as a pick – me – up as you just cannot resist the temptation to feel good when you’ve got this at hand. Also, I would use this just before bed, to start off your sweet dreams.

– I C K L E   B A B Y   B O T –

$4.25 AUD

Cuteness overload. I love this one as it is just adorable to look at, and to smell it is just simply soothing. It is a blend of lavender and chamomile with a hint of sandalwood. Just reading that makes me want to fall in to a deep sleep, wrapped up in a super soft blanket with a herbal tea nearby. This is the perfect solution to relax and unwind after a hard day. Or, if you’re not feeling your best, slipping this into the bath will give you soothing aromas, immediately preparing you for a peaceful nights sleep. I would also use this on a Sunday morning. Something about a Sunday morning which includes a hot bath with the ‘Ickle baby bot’ will have you ready to take the day off and put your feet up. I would recommend this all year round (because we all get tired at any time of the year) for a person of any age, yes, I think popping this in the bath for your children will calm them, ensuring an easier bedtime routine!

– D R A G O N S   E G G –

$6.95 AUD

When life gives you lemons, you make a bath bomb. Dragon’s egg is the perfect name for this zesty lemon sherbet bath bomb. Also including hints of jasmine and bergamot to leave your body feeling fresh and comforted. It is filled with different colours and popping candy to create a magical, mystical effect which works so well. It smells so fresh which superbly creates the most exciting bath. Suitable for anyone with a wild heart and a magical personality. The scent of lemon sure can fill a room, leaving your body and your bathroom smelling extraordinary.
– Y U Z U   A N D   C O C O A   B U B B L E R O O N –
$7.50 AUD

(In the catalogue this bubble bar looks orange, the ones in the store however were yellow – this doesn’t make a difference to the yumminess or the smell).
This just looks good enough to eat. In fact it is cruel that LUSH have designed this to look like a macaroon. To be honest though, it worked. I purchased two of this collection. Ooops.
This bubble bar is screaming “TERRY’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE” which in England, my household would have a few of every Christmas. Yum. Its the kind of chocolate taste you just cant stop eating, and like that chocolate, I will want to keep using this bubble bar. In the description of this in the book, it says that you will ‘indulge in exquisitely mourish clouds of chocolate orange’. They got that spot on, well done LUSH.
As well as chocolate orange this yummy treat is made with avocado butter which is naturally refreshing and will give your body complete softness (everything I love in a bath). Another crucial aspect of this creation is Fair Trade Organic Butter, which compliments and works amazingly with the avocado to offer your body a soft and gentle feeling.
I would recommend this anytime of the year (I will be using this closer to Christmas) to offer yourself an anytime treat that wont leave you feeling guilty.

– R O S E   J A M   B U B B L E R O O N –

$7.50 AUD

Pretty In Pink. Another gorgeous looking bath treat, and my second bubbleroon bubble bar. A fairly beautiful looking bubble bar that will offer your bath aromas of fresh roses (which make most people happy), with sweet tones of Shea butter and floral geranium. This means your body will be left smelling divine (maybe even make you want a tea and cake or a glass of prosecco if that’s more your thing), and feeling as soft as a rose petal. A lovely afternoon treat to calm your senses and prepare you for a lovely evening with your girlfriends or a night in your most dainty pj’s watching ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

– S U N N Y S I D E –

$8.95 AUD

Just take a while to admire it, I did. This is a sight you just cannot get tired of, it is so shimmery and looks like a lump of gold which makes it appear extra special. (WARNING: one touch and your hands will be gold too). ‘Sunnyside’ is a flawless way to indulge yourself in gold shimmery waters before a night out, with a golden glow, you sure will attract the right attention without sitting in the sun for hours trying not to burn.
The gentle aromas of orange make my mouth water, and sends a warm feeling through me, reminding me that Christmas is coming. As well as orange, there is a suttle zesty fragrance induced from the lemon oils to create a fruity array or luxury. Along with warm running water, this crumbly bubble bar will offer me everything that I need to feel amazing and look gorgeous too. With this one, I will definetly use this over a number of baths, to make the most of it and also see the effect of using a little to a lot of the product.
(Only thing to look out for is if the bath is left with a golden ring, when the water has run out).


– D R E A M   S T E A M –

$2.95 AUD

When it comes to my skin, I find it hard to stick to a daily routine (It’s bad, I know) but every now and then, I will treat myself to a face mask or two. These toner tabs are something I have used in the past, and absolutely loved! This steamer has a combination of intricate and fragile rose absolute, soothing chamomile oil and calming lavender oils which create the perfect scents to cleanse your face and clear your mind. The delicacy that this toner tab offers is one of my fave ways to steam my face, as it just feels so natural and healthy and therefore leaves my skin feeling clean and soft and my mind feeling happy and stress free.
They are such an appealing price, and means I just cannot feel guilty for buying a few at a time.
I recommend using boiling hot water (please be careful and don’t burn yourself), that way you will get the most out if this little gem and make it last longer. Also, if you are not so keen on hovering your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, or you would rather use this in your room for the scent, then I suggest dropping the toner tab into a bowl of boiling hot water and placing in on a sturdy table and leaving to sit and fill the room with the gorgeous and soothing scents.

There’s one thing that I absolutely adore from the whole LUSH collection, I have had this every year and I always purchase it around Christmas. I think it is a lot of peoples favorites becauase the smell is so addicting and sweet, and the smell just doesn’t fade. This item I didn’t pick up today but I will be going back and purchasing closer to Christmas. ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel. I wonder if anyone guessed that? Anyway, it is gorgeous and I wish I picked it up today.

I hope you liked this mini ‘LUSH haul’ and were inspired by the products I chose. Let me know what your fave LUSH product is, and why?

Love, Abby x

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