jarrahdale adventure

I love those days where you just spontaneously decide to do something or go somewhere, and explore a new place or revisit a place you don’t often go to, but love. It feels exciting and I think that’s an important part of a happy life, is to feel excited and experience new things.
Today we (my boyfriend and I) revisited one of my favourite places in Western Australia, which is a small little cafe in the ‘middle of nowhere’. It’s out in the sticks, surrounded by the natural beauty of nature, tall trees and lots of land filled with horses, cows, sheep etc. I feel so happy and calm when I’m amongst nature, it gives me a chance to take in what surrounds me, and have a break from my busy reality. So, we decided it would be good to go for a drive to go and get the best iced chocolate EVERRR!
As we were driving through the town, we came across this sign. It reads ‘Lemons Free’. We decided to grab a few and we’re going to make some fresh lemonade!
Jarrahdale is a beautiful place, which seems to me like an old English town. There’s one post office, one general store and one Tavern. The kind of place where everyone knows each other. There is so much history in Jarrahdale and so many scenic drives. I love vintage style places and old cottages, it reminds of the places I use to visit when I was younger with my Nan.
The garden entrance sign, it’s just the coolest place.
Jarrahdale General Store and Cafe is a rather countryside store, such a beautiful place with all the natural scenery around, so picturesque – hence the amount of pictures I took. I imagine a cafe in the outback being similar.
(OUTBACK DUNNY – Toilet/Restroom)
The reason I visit this place in particular is the iced chocolate. Aka. The best ice chocolate Ever. They bring out a tall glass of chocolatey, creamy, icy, yummy goodness and if that’s not enough, they also bring out the rest of the mix in a silver metal cup instead of them pouring it away. I always feel so full when I have one, but oh my is it worth it! They do really yummy food to, although I recommend having an ice tea, or something refreshing rather than an iced chocolate or milkshake. If you are ever visit Jarrahdale or are passing, to try this. Sometimes I can’t have a whole one to myself so I share one with my boyfriend. But trust me, you will NOT regret buying this.


One of my favourite parts about this cafe, is the garden. There’s so many different aspects to the garden, it is just beautiful. Full of flowers and bright colours, tall green trees and bushes. It is the perfect place for all the family to chill out, grab some food and have some fun.
Here’s some pictures from our adventure…





It’s all pretty much flowers, trees and greenery. But I hope you  like it. (I’m not a professional photographer and all of my images are taken on my Iphone 6s).
Love, Abby x

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