wowowowowowow this takes me back to when Troy and Gabriella first met on New Years Eve!


New year – the perfect time for self reflection.

Not that I particularly want to reflect on 2016, it wasn’t my year by any means. However, it sure did teach me a few important life lessons…. and I guess there’s no better time to carry that on in the best ways than the start of a new year.

This is why I am starting this year with a fresh mind, it is important to be optimistic and hold your head up high. I KNOW 2017 is going to be my year. I WILL make it my mission to achieve my goals. But HOW will I make myself stick to it? Do you set goals every year? Month? How do you keep yourself going? TEACH ME PLEAAAAASE!

I think I’ll do it this year. For real. I have surrounded myself with people who only want the best for me, and keep me happy. It’s the comfort and support I need, however I know that only I can help myself.

So – Goals…

1. In a (2017) diary write down what I do each day.
Why – This will help me look back and realise how fulfilling my year was, the amazing people I spent my year with and to look back on the (probably) awesome things I will do. I also could do with more organisation in my life. As you can tell my new year post was a week late. I’ll learn soon.

2. Do what makes me happy.
Why – The only person I have all the time is myself. So surely I should be the best person I can be. And that is my aim – to keep myself happy,  lift myself up and know that it will all be okay. This will then make me think more positively and I can reflect that on to people I hold dearly.

3. Travel – Near and Far.
Why – I love an adventure. The packing, the journey, the once in a life time opportunities, the “I’ve been here before’, The awesome pictures, and the feeling of taking time away from reality. All these aspects are important to me and to keep my mind fresh and constantly growing I will travel.
Sydney – February, England – (August?) Margaret River – once or twice!

4. Moving Out – Robert and I will move in to our first home together.
Why – I am ready for the next chapter of my life.

5. Confidence – Do NOT put myself down.
Why – I do it waaaaaaaaaay too much! I am always doubting myself, and comparing my features with what I think they should be like. WELL STUFF IT – I AM ME. I will learn to love myself and then, nothing will bring me down.

I have mini personal goals as well, like saving money and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – but I don’t want to overload myself with pressure.

If you set yourself goals and feel overwhelmed or afraid that you will not achieve then break them down. Make it EASIER for YOURSELF. Break them into mini goals, step – by -step to how you will get there. Because you will.

Good Luck,

Love, Abby x

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