t2 haul

(Whilst writing this up, I’m sipping on a T2 ‘Just Peppermint tea and watching the ‘Minions’ movie)
Tea is great at any time, any day. A drink you can reach for to warm you up, cleanse your body, or have a good ol’ chin wag over. Not that you ever need to justify why you want a cuppa.
I have tried many, many tea varieties from many different places and have decided that T2 is one of my go to choices. (I love an easy brew teabag, like PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea but for more variety, I love T2).
What’s your fave flavour tea? Are you more of an iced fruity tea or a warming english breakfast?
Firstly, anywhere that offers samples, or tasters INSTANTANEOUSLY catches my attention. T2 lets you sample a few teas.. hot or iced to see which flavour you like best… and I always find that I LOVE them all, so well played by them.  So I thought, it would be perfect to have my very own T2 at home, here’s the bits I picked up (some from the sale!);


Barry Red Tea Pot
This big brewer  is my kinda tea pot. It can give about 5 cups of tea in 1 go! The bright red colour I absolutely love, it is vibrant and bold which makes it a sure talking point. It is plain red so you can match it up with any design or colour tea cups. There is an infuser in the middle that you are able to take out and clean etc. which makes it quick and easy for you to make another brew. There is a rather large handle on the side and a long spout too, this makes it so much easier to pour and prevent spills! T2 have a wide variety of colours and designs in their teapot range, so if you love tea I highly recommend you take a look!
Good Vibes Cups and Saucers 
Pastel Pink
Pastel Green
Miss match cups and saucers are just GORGEOUS. They really make a statement piece and compliment each other so well!  Along with the red tea pot they really create a retro  vintage vibe. I actually didn’t realise how MASSIVE they would be,  but I however am far from disappointed. They hold a rather large cup of tea. And they look pretty awesome too. They are made from bone china which in my opinion makes the tea taste better, but also makes the cups a lot lighter in weigh and lot more precious too.
Green Rose


Sydney Breakfast
I only purchased two for this order from T2 because my collection of teas is starting to exceed normality. I love trying new teas, especially herbal teas that are coming out with new exciting flavours.
My First Choice – Green Rose;
I thought that this sounded like a really nice blend of ingredients. I’m a huge fan of green tea especially when I am trying to detox. So I thought if I purchased a special green tea, I would feel more motivated to drink it! I particularly thought this was an exciting tea to try as it has a blend of green tea, and tropical fruits such as mango and papaya. You can either have this blend hot or iced..which would be an amazing burst of flavours in the warmer weather!
My Second Choice – Sydney Breakfast;
I purely chose this because I am super excited for my holiday, which is to Sydney in a couple of weeks! I thought this would be the perfect preparation for my holiday! It is a blend of Black Tea and Bergamot. Bergamot has become a favourite product of mine, it is used in a lot of Lush products which if you have read any of my Lush hauls you will know I love. So I thought it sounded lovely in a tea. This is similar to English breakfast I think, it is a warming, calming tea that you can drink any time of the day. Very excited to try this, and very excited to go on holiday too!
I hope you enjoyed reading this, I am tea enthusiast so I really love reading about teas and tasting ones that I have never tried before. If there are any teas or any brands that you recommend… please let me know in the comments below!
Love, Abby x

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