twentieth birthday

February 1st – Another year older.
When I was younger, I used to want to grow up SO quickly! Some used to tell me not to wish my life away because it would go faster than I think. (They were right). I used to put on my mum’s high heels and attempt putting on red lipstick without looking in the mirror. (We all know how hard that is). Never did I full comprehend just what being an adult meant. I thought it was just going shopping and buying things you liked without having to ask permission and staying up later than nine pm without being told to go to bed by someone else. Now being twenty I realise that being an adult means budgeting my money, paying bills and planning ahead because you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself.
I must say, even though it is the hardest, most challenging transition from a teenager to adulthood. I am so excited for all the things that I am working towards like moving into my first home, having a full time job, and owning a puppy! It won’t be easy to get all of these things (I am already working now) but eventually I will do it , and I’ll be proud that I made it.
Anyway enough of the adulty stuff…
I spent my day in South Western Australia with my lovely boyfriend who drove me to a few of my favourite places. It was such a beautiful day and I was truly spoilt!
First Stop – Bunbury Farmer’s Market
The drive from where we live to Bunbury is approx. 1.5 hours, pretty much along one straight road surrounded by trees and sand. There’s a few cool things to look at along the way like camels, cows, some rather large ice cream cones (not too sure what they actually are, but they look cool!) and a gigantic chalkboard. I love going to the farmer’s markets because they sell locally sourced produce and free samples of cheese’s and meats, plus they sell really cute jars with muesli in..which I have a mini collection of!
Second Stop – Cape Lavender Tea House
Typically British of me, but yes. One of my favourite places in Western Australia is a tea house. Approx. 1 hour south from Bunbury is Yallingup. With really long roads surrounded by even more trees in the beautiful countryside. Cape Lavender is a lovely little tea house on the side of a country road, that allows you to sit in a cafe filled with lavender aromas. Everything is lavender themed which naturally calms and relaxes your body. With classical music playing in the background and pots of tea on the menu, it really is a place to feel at home. There is a room set out with a variety of lavender products on offer, from lavender honey to bubble bath. There’s lots of products for customers to try, so we enjoyed trying a few creams and sweets. On the menu there is also Lavender flavoured ice cream.. which if I’m honest I didn’t think would be nice at all. Intrigued, we ordered it anyway. And I am so glad we did! It was a very sweet flavour that is not too overpowering! This was my second visit to the tea house, and I loved it even more than before.




Third Stop – Smith’s Beach
Approx. 5 minute’s from Cape Lavender is a gorgeous beach with absolutely amazing views. I particularly like coming to this beach as not only is there the water and the sand but the landscape around filled with tall trees and lots of green hills, really make this a picturesque place. The waves weren’t as impressive as they were last time I visited.. but definitely not disappointing. The turquoise water and white sand is typically Australian, and is just breathtaking.





Fourth Stop – Busselton Jetty
Approx. 30 minutes from Yallingup is the city of Busselton. Well known for it’s extremely long Jetty. This time around we didn’t walk the Jetty but back in August when we visited we walked the whole length of it and purchased a little certificate to say that we did it! This again is a gorgeous beach, and is a very popular place for locals and tourists. We decided to get some lunch on the Jetty front in a place called the Goose Bar.. such lovely food, but I couldn’t finish all of mine! I definitely recommend visiting the Jetty and experiencing the walk!




Fifth Stop – Bunbury
Approx. 40 minutes from Busselton. This was just a brief stop to pick up my birthday cake! The Cheesecake Shop is an amazing cake shop that bakes all of their cakes on premises. Robert treated me to a rainbow sponge cake that really just speaks for itself…. (Yes, it tasted just as amazing as it looks!)



I had such an amazing day visiting some of the loveliest places and eating some very yummy food! I owe my thanks to Robert who drove me around and made it a special day. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures to Busselton and beyond!
Love, Abby x

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