carry on checklist

BUT what do I need?!
I always always always leave packing until the last minute and find that it is easy to forget even the most important things. SO, I thought this time around I would not take any chances and in order to do this I have put together a checklist of all the things I think I need to take with me, and keep by my side whilst I travel. Even though I’m still last minute packing.. I’m a little more organised about it…I guess that’s okay too?



So you will need to put a majority of your belongings into your checked in baggage i.e. a suitcase. That way you don’t have to carry them with you the whole time that you’re travelling. However, for the bits and bobs you’ll need with you whilst you travel I recommend taking a) fairly large suitcase… unless you’re a light packer (which I am not) then a small one will do you just fine. You want it to big big enough to fit all of your travel essentials in, but small enough for you to carry around and also fit in the over head carrier or under your seat on the plane.


These, you kinda can’t travel without. Before you leave your home, double or even TRIPLE check that you have; your passport, itinerary, money, phone (also for entertainment) and your keys. You’ll be very stuck without them. It is important that you try to keep these all together and in close reach to you at ALL times. Pretty self explanatory why, but if you’re unsure… just ask me.


Okay so you don’t reaaaally need to take entertainment.. but, if you’re travelling for a long (or short) period of time, you’ll want to kill time. I’ve decided to take a phone and laptop so that I can watch videos or blog while I’m flying or waiting around with my Apple earphones and my Sony headphones.. Also I’m going to take a book to read, an colouring book, a notebook to jot any ideas or important things I need to remember and some pens!

In-Flight Comfort

Travelling isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, although I’ve thought of a few things that will make you feel a little cosier and maybe help you get some rest. Firstly, a neck pillow which I swear by whenever I travel! I have a hooded one from City Beach that I have taken to soooo many places and absolutely love because it means I can also cover my face while I am sleeping! To make me feel more comfortable I like to take fluffy socks that I put on when I am on the plane, and also a loose fitting jumper to keep me warm and act as a blanket. Also when I get off a plane during the day, I like to keep sunglasses in my bag to chuck on to cover up the dark circles on my face due to lack of sleep from excitement!


I’ve put in a health category as it is crucial to remember that illness or pain can strike at any time and it’s better to be prepared and have some pain killers at the ready. I don’t suffer with travel sickness but I know that it is very common and would be best if I added that in too. I also think it is really important to keep washing your hands a refreshing your face because you are in such close proximity with so many people and you never know just how much bacteria is around you.


This could also be classed as health with the hand sanitizer and wipes as they keep you clean.. however I feel there is a lot more to it. I find that when I’m travelling I like to have a bare face which means no make-up. I feel i is a good time to give my skin a break. However being up in the air can really dry out skin so I always take a moisturiser with me and every now and then just apply it to my face and neck. I also like to put on some powder or light make-up when I get off the plane so that I feel ready to arrive at my destination and look a little more alive when I land. I’ve popped a few hairbands into my bag because they always come in handy and also a mini perfume to keep me smelling nice. I always take with me a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash to keep me refreshed.


ALWAYS take snacks on any journey! You never know when hunger might strike and also, if you are going on holiday – treat YO’ SELF! Someone, sometime told me that you should eat sweets when you take off and land because it prevents your ears from popping as much. I can tell you this works! Also take some mints or gum in case you do’t get a chance to brush your teeth. I’m taking with me a plastic refillable water bottle so that when I am through security I can fill it up without paying high prices for a drink.. it will also come in handy whilst I’m on my holiday to take it with me on days out!
When it comes to packing everyone has there own way of doing it and have specific things they want to pack. I’d love to know any essentials that you take in your carry on, and hat you CANNOT travel without! 
See you in Sydney!
Love, Abby x


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