my top five lush valentines products 2017

I know I am slightly late with this because I have been so busy, so here is my top five products from the Valentine’s collection for 2017. It’s not a typical Lush haul, but instead I thought I’d pick out my top five products from the Valentine’s Lush collection and explain why I liked them. I always love the Lush collections, and the valentines day launch is always filled with sweet, floral aromas which help set a romantic aura…which is so perfect for bath time.

I’ll start with number five and work my way up to my favourite. Just to clarify, I’ve loved all of the products but these are my top five choices.


– Lovestruck –
I love a bubble bar. They create bubbles (duh) and last for longer than one bath too! I’m loving the idea behind this one as emoji’s are a HUGE craze at the moment, and heart eyes are perfect for Valentine’s. This is amazing in the bath as it fills the room with citrus lemon scents which are really good for making you feel refreshed. Geranium oil adds a floral scent which keeps it lively and fresh. Lying in yellow water was a little weird… but it smelt great!


– Love Spell –

OOOOOh I loved this massage bar SO much! As soon as you touch this it begins to melt in your hands which is good if you’re using it straight away not so good if you order online whilst there’s a heatwave but anyway… I got another one. I’ve never used a massage bar from Lush before, but now I think they’ll be a regular purchase! It instantly softens your skin and leaves you feeling hydrated and silky. This is lovely after a bath, before you sleep, or if you’ve had a hard day and need to relax. As well as being soft and silky, you’ll smell sweet too. It is a strong scent, but of all the right things. Cocoa and Shea butter offer a sweet, relaxing scent, and the Lemon and Fresh Rose give you a balance of fresh and floral. I found that using this at night time, helped to calm me and prepare me for a good nights sleep.


– Two Hearts Beating As One –
Warning: Melts quickly in warmish temperatures. This is the first bath melt that I have ever used and I loved it! I loved that when I was out of the bath, there was no need to moisturise as my skin was super silky and nourished already. There is a lot of scents in this, however the oil that stood out the most was Bergamot which is gorgeous and the Cocoa butter which left my skin feeling extremely smooth and healthy. This would be great before a night out to leave your body feeling soft and looking shiny.


– Unicorn Horn –
I picked this out purely because it just looks awesome. It’s bright and colourful and its A UNICORN HORN.  Close to my top favourite because it is cool to look at but also has such a pretty effect in the bath. The water turns pink and is filled with silver shimmer. It smells like lavender which is a night time must for bath products. It naturally relaxes your mind, and gives off such a gentle vibe. It leaves you feeling good and restores some  magic within you too. (This is such a cute combo with the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb).


– Lover Lamp –
Finally, my favourite one. I know this doesn’t look like much… but that’s why I love it so much. It leaves your bath looking a bright white colour which is pure and natural with red hearts floating around it. This was enough to leave me happy and feeling refreshed. BUT, it smells like a Terry’s chocolate orange, which reminds me of Christmas, which is my FAVE time of year. It is perfect any time of the day, and can really lift your mood if you’re not feeling to great. I recommend this for sweet people or chocoholics. Another great thing about this, is that it is made with Cocoa butter which softens and moisturises your skin so that you don’t have to do it when you (eventually) get out of the bath either – PERFECT!
I hope you got to enjoy some Valentine’s Lush products too! Let me know which your fave product was, and why! And what collection do you look forward to most? (Mine’s Christmas!)
Love, Abby x

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