Yes, my holiday was a month ago. But better late than never I always say….
I absolutely loved my time in Sydney. To me, it was like having a little piece of London, (just on a different scale of busy, and with really hot weather) I do really miss living close to London where everyone is doing their own thing and you’ve just got to move with everyone because it’s so crazy busy! The shopping was amazing in Sydney and has given me a lot more inspiration on how I want to express myself through fashion and individual style.
Of course, we were on holiday which meant I was a tourist and got to experience some truly amazing things for the first (and hopefully not the last) time! I took a few pictures on my adventure and have picked out the ones that capture the best bits, yummy food, and memories I will look back on…
It was an early morning, actually a very very early morning. Flight time was 5:35am so we had to leave home around 2:30 am. Although I must admit, flying during the night doesn’t faze me because I know I can wake up and just feel excitement, get ready suuuuuuper fast and be on our way! Stopped for a hot chocolate and then we flew….


First Impression – I LOVE IT! Arriving at midday is perfect because you can see everything.It reminded me soso much of London, it is so built up and looks super busy -which makes me soso happy. Whenever I am flying into my destination I act like a child on Christmas morning. I giggle with excitement and I have the biggest smile on my face. We got through the arrivals really quickly, so…on to our adventure. Once we had checked into our hotel, we decided to take a walk around where we were staying and explore our surroundings. The rain started to come down SO heavy.. plans quickly changed and on the bus we got.
First things first – STAAAAARBUCKS!
All of the things we got up too, and some of my fave pictures from our week away. Lots of scrumptious food and amazing experiences. (I am still using my Iphone for pictures – so the quality isn’t the best it can be. BUT – I can still look back on them, and appreciate everything that I did). Pictures speak a thousand words.
– City Spots –













– Opera House & Harbour Bridge –






– Food & Drink –








– Bridge Climb –




– Sydney Zoo & Wildlife Centre –





– Bondi Beach –




– HOME –
And to our dismay, the holiday ended. Although we were sad to say goodbye to Sydney. We are looking forward to our next project (hush hush) and we both know we’ll be back again SOON!
I hope you enjoyed looking through my holiday snaps.
Where’s your fave place to visit?
Love, Abby x




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