bellabox march unboxing

Wooohoooooo! I have finally signed up to Bellabox! I have wanted to sign up for so long, and now I have received my very first box. Bellabox is a beauty subscription box that you are sent in through the post every month. They pick 5 beauty samples that they have found worldwide and allow each subscriber to test them and give their feedback. Also, they sell all of their product son the website, so if there is any sample that you’ve loved… you’ll be able to buy it easily!
It’s like a present to myself every month so I’m sure you can imagine, I was pretty excited as I opened my box.. filled with lots of little goodies. The box is $17.95 per month, that includes a cute little blue box, postage and  five beauty samples.This month was the ‘Raw Beauty’ box, which means all of the products within the box are made with natural ingredients that are amazing on skin.
Super exciting, natural products.
SUKIN – Hydrating Facial Masque
This facial masque is a gorgeous natural mix of mango seed butter, avocado oils, pineapple and papaya extracts. It really nourishes the skin and leaves you feeling so smooth. Mango scented products are a personal fave, its a really uplifting scent, fruity and fresh. So having this as a face product that is really moisturising leaves the scent lasting for longer. Leave this masque on for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.
WOTNOT – Facial Wipes
I am one of the laziest people when it comes to taking my makeup off at the end of everyday. It’s not very often that I follow a regime, I find facial wipes the easiest and most convenient way to remove my makeup. I love aloe vera and rose hip, so I am really impressed with these wipes. Perfect packet size to fit nicely in a handbag.
DERMAVEEN – Intense Moisturising Facial Serum
Love love love this I haven’t used many facial serums previously, but this serum has quickly become my favourite. The packaging is gorgeous, and it is so cool that you can squeeze the serum through the syringe type tube. Perfect for dry skin, Colloidal oatmeal and the pro-vitamin B5 is a super hydrating ingredient and works so well. If you like to detox your skin every now and then, put this on morning and night and leave off an makeup. Otherwise just put it on and apply your makeup on top. It is a really light consistency so it wont leave your skin feeling heavy or wet.
LA MAV – Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (Light)
You can’t really get far with a small sample of tanning moisturiser, but it is enough to sample on your legs and see if you like the shade/coverage. It is a gradual tanner and doesn’t have that ‘fake tan’ smell that a lot of people really do not like. These are all naturally produced products, and this sample is made with argan oil and macadamia oil.  The vegan ingredients are really hydrating and gives you a gorgeous bronze glow.
AROMA MAGIC – Reviving Oxy Pack
When I saw this I wasn’t too sure what it was, then when I read the back of the packaging, and found it had witch hazel then got super excited! Also includes lavender essential oils and aloe vera which are very popular ingredients because they work so well for the skin.It is a detoxifying formula that can be left on for 20 minutes, or over night for an even glowier result. It will help to restore any lost energies in the skin and help to unclog environmental effects such as pollution and sun damage. It will condition skin and leave you feeling softer.
LUMA – Sheer Lipstick (Terracotta)
A gorgeous peachy orange colour lipstick, perfect for a sunny autumn. However, this is a balm based lipstick that provides a moisturising cover on your lips. Made with avocado and jojoba oils it allows for a smooth application and just feels so lovely once it has been applied.
PALMER’S – Shea Formula Raw Shea Body Lotion
This cute little sachet was an extra sample that everyone received. I have actually used this brand before and found that this scent was too strong for me. However, I love how nourishing it is, It gives your skin full hydration and deeply moisturises skin too. I love this during summer time as it has a kinda ‘holiday’ scent. As shown, it is a shea butter formula, which is amazing for moisture.
These are my opinions and I know not everyone will agree but hey ho we’re all different! Super excited for the surprises in April’s box,
Love, Abby x

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