hello October



The month that brings so much excitement. (And also lots of fear.)
It is the time of year that everyone is preparing for Halloween and Christmas. Which means so many decorations and so much inspiration for designs and blog ideas too! It’s on almost everybody’s mind and OH BOY is it on mine! All of the stores have started to put out their Halloween and Christmas stock… I’m just waiting for the songs to be played now!
I love love love this time of year! Here are my top five reasons why:
The Food
There are so many amazing recipes that come out at this time of year. I love to bake and cook and there are so many places to get inspiration and ideas from around October time. Pumpkin being one of the biggest flavours this month just makes me feel halloweeny and festive. I’m obsessed with Pinterest and there are always so many cool ideas for treats and drinks around the Halloween theme.
The Colours
The colour scheme everywhere at this time of year is orange, red and yellow. Even though it is spring in Australia, the colour palette is to so autumnal – just in a warmer kinda way! These colours are just aaaamazing. They look gorgeous together and there is so much variety in fashion especially at this time of year.
The Decorations
During this period, most places are decked out in all kinds of decorations for Halloween. Hanging ghosts, flashing lights and my fave – a big orange pumpkin. You just can’t help but feel festive. It is all around and some people really go that extra mile with decorating. I love going for drives around streets that are covered in decorations, it makes me so happy to see people having fun!
The Stores
Whether that’s fashion, food or department stores. Everywhere is beginning to appear festive. Stores are filled with Halloween food, balloons, costumes and decorations. You just can’t get enough of it. Workers will talk to you about new products and customers are planning their parties. Again with the colours – it’s just everywhere! (Most excited for Lush!)
The Parties
Costumes too. There are a lot of parties going on at this time of year which means families and friends are coming together to have fun and create memories. The best part is dressing up. I personally love it and think it can be so fun! There are so many cool ideas and tutorials on the internet that you’ll never be stuck on a costume. Lots of parties = lots of great food!
There are so many reasons to love this time of year.
What is your favourite thing about October?
Also, I’m intrigued to know what you love to dress up as, or any cool ideas you have?
Happy October! I hope it’s great for you!
Love, Abby x

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