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So, we are in a new month – October. Which is exciting for so many reasons. It is the month of Halloween, the start of the lead up to Christmas and most importantly it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Breast Cancer is very close to me which makes it all the more important for me to talk about it and raise awareness to it. I’m not writing this post about cancer but more focused on  how important it is to take care of yourself and to get checked out. I have put together all of my favourite pink bits that I love  and think you might too! I wanted to do a post that doesn’t really reflect on cancer itself but more around the colour pink and the importance of taking care of yourself by getting checked out.
Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among Australian Women and it s the second most deadly. This is why I cannot stress enough the importance of getting to know your body and if you see anything irregular or you’re concerned about anything please get checked out. It may not be anything but it is better to find out early. Women will support each other, raising awareness will only mean more support and medical advancements.
This post is in no way sponsored or connected to anyone. It is all my opinion and my ideas.
Pink is the theme of this blog post as the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness is the Pink Ribbon. I wanted to raise awareness in a fun way! While I am writing this I am actually dressed in pink trousers and a pink top – I didn’t plan this… I (pinky) promise! I am super excited about this post because it means so much to me and I also have created my first proper flat lay that I am quite proud of too.
Here is a list of all of my favourite pink items of all time and also some new bits I have recently picked up from some of my go-to shops!


Fluffy Pom Pom Key Ring


Priceline Australia

I’m obsessssed with pom poms at the moment and I just love this key ring. It’s a super cute baby pink with little bunny ears! I have a lot of plain bags with no details so I either clip this onto a handbag or I’ll attach it to my keys – I never lose them in Mary Poppins – like bag now!
I think this was from Priceline, maybe a free gift with purchase bit it was given to me so I’m not 100% sure!

Shower Cap

Target Australia: $5

This was actually an impulse buy! I’ve been looking for a pretty shower cap because I always have baths but I don’t always wash my hair. It’s pink of course which is such an IN colour at the moment and I am making the most of it! I have really thick hair and this shower cap is maaaassive which is perfect, it is also super stretchy so I know it’s going to be comfortable too.

DKNY  Soho Rose Tone Watch

Angus & Coote: $229
OBSESSED. I’m in LOVE with my watch. Rose gold is such a huge trend and has been for quite a while now. It goes with everything and you can wear it in any season. I find any occasion to wear this and I am starting to incorporate more rose into my jewellery collection. (Working at Pandora means I am around jewellery all the time, and I love it!). This watch is the perfect size for me. I have quite small wrists and this watch fits perfectly.

Pink Velvet Clutch Bag

Dotti: $4.95 (sale price)

When I saw this I grabbed it straight away. $5 for a clutch?! YES PLEASE! It’s the pink velvet that drew me to it (as well as the sale sticker) because as I’ve already said – this colour is so in and I just love it. Velvet is really taking storm in the fashion industry and I’m jumping on board of this trend. It’s so retro and I’m flippin’ feeling it! I also have a pair of boots that are velvet and are a similar shade of pink – so I thought they’d go nicely together. I also find this bag amazing because I have an Iphone and they are just getting bigger and bigger, I needed a bag that would accommodate that. It fits, yay!

Pom Pom Earrings

Sportsgirl: $12.95

THESE. Tiny little fluffy, octobery, colourful balls of joy. I have wanted some pom pom earrings for a while and I have found some that are PERFECT for this time of year! they are orange, pink and nude which fits in with Halloween and spring! These colours are how I picture this time of year in Australia and I get to wear them hanging from my ear lobes. I’m sure I will be getting lots of wear out of these and it won’t be the last you see of them either!


Reebok Classics


Asos: Was: $134 Now: $99
I really fancied something different. I basically just own black and white shoes. I wear the same ones over and over again, this becomes a bit boring over time. I have been really starting to express myself through fashion lately, I buy more quirky outfits and just have fun with how I dress. I feel more like myself and I am motivated to dress up and put in more effort now. I wanted to put these in this post as they fit in perfectly with the pink theme but also because they are my new fave thing in my wardrobe. I wear them at every opportunity I get!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush: $18.50 250g
Any excuse to talk about this. This is actually my last bottle of snow fairy that I have left from Christmas last year. I have used it almost every bath or shower I’ve had. I just can’t get enough! I’ve used to as bubble bath too and enjoyed some mountains of bubbles. It is also made me realise that Christmas is not far away, and in perfect time for the Lush Christmas range that is released TODAY!

Unicorn Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Ebay: $15.99
Lately, I have been buying way too many makeup brushes. They are SO cute. I have heard a lot about makeup brushes on Ebay and wanted to try them myself (blog post coming soon). The rose gold ones were the first ones I ordered and they actually aren’t too bad. I think they are really cool and look so pretty! They will also make great gifts at Christmas for anyone that loves makeup or unicorns.

15  Shades of Fame Palette

Sportsgirl: $24.95
Let’s just all appreciate the beauty of this palette. I am so impressed with these eyeshadow’s, they honestly are so pigmented and come of the brush so well. They look beautiful on, and I am wearing this everyday and night. My fave shade has to be ‘Bianca’ the darkest pink, almost a red. It is just stunning and is perfect for the October feels.
On The Glow Palette


Sportsgirl: $14.95
Sportsgirl have an amazing range of palettes and I can say that they are gorgeous. They come off really well, and go on to your skin the exact colour and amount of shimmer that is exactly on the palette. I usually struggle to find high street brands with palettes that actually work. My collection from Sportsgirl will just get bigger. My fave shade is the blue ‘Rockpool’ which is just magical. It works amazingly as a highlighter and lasts for hours!

Metallic Clips

Sportsgirl: $4.95 (sale price)
Of course. Stationery is part of my favourites. I love these rose gold clips. They came as a pack of 6 with 3 different colours, I wanted to mention these as I just think they are so cute. My collection of rose products is growing fast and having pretty stationery motivates me. They are great for holding all of my blog notes together. My plans for Blogmas will be all over the place so having some contraption to keep them all in one place at least will help. Also you can use them for hanging posters of pictures on your wall. If you hang them from nails or hooks, they look really cool.
I hope you enjoyed reading my fave pink things!
Remember to take care of yourself, get checked and take notice of changes to your body!
You can get involved with raising awareness by using the hashtag #THINKPINK on social media. You can also donate direct to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) HERE.
It is such an incredible cause that has and continues to help millions of women who suffer with Breast Cancer.
I will be participating in a Breast Cancer event night at my work place (Pandora) to help support women and raise donations for the NBCF.  I hope to see you guys getting involved and helping in any way you can!
 Let me know in the comments if you’ll be doing anything to raise money or awareness!
Together we CAN beat it.
Love, Abby x

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