my bucket list for december | Blogmas Day 2

IMG_4063.jpgWelcome to Blogmas Day 2!

In today’s post am I sort of making a promise to myself to do everything I want to do before Christmas comes around. I have put together a little bucket list of all the things I want to do and achieve by December 25th 2017.

Knowing that I have created a whole blog post on this will make me more determined to tick each and every one off! So, I should be able to say oh yeah, I totally did that all. Not that I have any doubts in any of it, it’s all pretty achievable I’m just a very busy bee at this time of year.

Growing up in London and celebrating 16 Christmases there I became used to the cold tradition and feeling festive from around October time (excessive, I think not.) I really have to try harder to feel festive now, living in Australia. I have spent the last 3 Christmas days trying to adapt to traditions here… Bbq and going to the beach? Nope. No. Uh-uh. It’s not for me. I’ve been to the beach each year and just find it so odd. It should be cold and we should all be at home wrapped up watching Miracle On 34th Street or drinking mulled wine (something they don’t have here). I will say I won’t ever have a bbq on Christmas Day as it doesn’t at all feel right to me. I’m all about that big feast and stacking your plate up way to high but still managing to get through it!

Anyway, that brings me on to trying to make Christmas over here as festive as I can. This bucket list will help me keep the festivities alive and feeling the Christmas spirit everyday!…

My Bucket List:

  • Succeed at Blogmas. Write every day leading up to Christmas. (Keeping in mind I have no posts pre-written *laughs*).
  • Watch all of my fave Christmas films. Blog post coming soon.
  • Attend the Perth Royal Pageant (tonight) and see all the lights in the city!
  • Finish sewing and decorating my Christmas stocking.
  • Lots and lots of baking. Make old favourites and create new recipes.
  • Closer to Christmas I want to do a drive around the streets to see all of the lit up houses. The lights at this time of year are one of my favourite things.
  • Of course, finish my Christmas shopping and have it all done by at least the 20th.
  • I would really love to visit some Christmas markets and eat festive food. Do some shopping and see all of the small local businesses.
  • Going back to lights, I have always wanted to do the canal cruise in a place called Mandurah. This a gorgeous place that you ride around in a boat seeing all of the houses on the canals decorated for Christmas. Adding it to the bucket list means now I HAVE to do it!

I did have one more goal/thing to add onto my bucket list which was to reach 500 followers on Twitter. Let me just say a very huge thank you because you have already helped me to achieve that! It means so incredibly much to me and although it isn’t a lot to some that is a whole lotta big to me! Shall we try 600 now? Just kidding!!

Thank you all again.

Are you taking part in Blogmas?

Let me know in the comments or on any of my social medias. I’d love to read your posts and watch your vlogmas videos if you’re doing that too. (Hat’s off to you if you are, you rock!).

Merry Blogmas!

Love, Abby x

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