christmas lush haul | Blogmas Day 5


Hey there,

Welcome back to another Blogmas post, day 5!

Each year Lush release the best Christmas range of bath and self care products. So every year when the range is released I am all over it. Yesterday I took my self to Perth city to get some Christmas shopping done, and decided I would treat myself to some festive Lush products. I told myself it’s for a blog post, ha. Good enough excuse for me.

So I want to share with you all the pieces I picked up and hopefully inspire you to treat yourself to some Lush goodies for Christmas or get some ideas for gifts, they make great stocking fillers by the way. I hope you enjoy reading this post and feel a little more excited for Christmas.

If you look back through my blog posts, I have done a fair few Lush haul’s and you’ll be able to tell I really love their products. I love what they stand for, what they support and the products they produce are just awesome. Which is why I  don’t mind spending money on their products. My stack of Lush products is probably a bit excessive but still, here I am, adding more to the collection… enjoy!

Here’s What I Picked Up:

Bath Bombs

Golden Wonder – $8.95


A firm favourite and Christmas must-have.

Sweet orange and lime oils create a gorgeous citrus scent and is balanced by the cognac oil to create a refreshing Christmas aroma. Oh, it has golden lustre too for some extra Christmas magic. The shape is a traditional present which makes it an obvious but perfect choice to gift.

Christmas Sweater – $8.95


The cutest Christmas bath bomb.

I loooove the detail on this bath bomb. It’s got gorgeous little reindeers and drops of snow. It definitely represents a Christmas sweater… now if anyone find one that looks like this, please let me know! It is a really interesting blend of Sicilian lemon oil, mustard, ginger and clove oils which sounds so festive and warm. Kinda spicy too – I am intrigued.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb – $8.95


A new favourite I never knew I needed in my life until now.

Snow fairy is my all time favourite scent/range from Lush. In fact, I have savoured my shower gel this whole year and have some left for this Christmas too. This is a new product design that Lush have created which is a jelly bomb. Yeah, I was excited too. No only does it have the smell of all things sweet, when you drop this into your bath it has a jelly like consistency (hence the name). It feels amazing, so soft and luxurious. Plus, the smell lingers which means you get to enjoy the sweet smell for longer.

Bath Melts

Snow Angel – $9.95


The most relaxing and conditioning bath treat.

During the Christmas period we can often lose ourselves in the madness of shopping, working, organising or at least trying to. We need to give our selves a break and take some ‘me’ time This is the perfect thing to unwind and take a moment. If you love to take baths, you’ll love this melt. It is made from cocoa butter and has a marzipan scent. There is a layer of soft foamy bubbles on top, underneath, a pool of shimmering gold. The cocoa butter will moisturise your skin, saving you the task later. It will have you feeling soft, silky and amongst all, calm. I’d recommend to use this as a night time bath treat.

Bubble Bars

The Magic Of Christmas


Christmas on a stick. A cinnamon stick.

Can I just say, this is my favourite bubble bar and I wish there was a bath bomb in this scent. It is quite literally every Christmas associated scent squashed into a beautiful sparkly star. Well, mine isn’t a very sharp star but I love it all the same. The stick is actually cinnamon, and the bubble bar contains more cinnamon. I just can’t get enough! The star anise adds the right amount of spice mixed with the. clove to achieve a spicy yet cosy feel. Another favourite ingredient of mine is Almond essential oil, which gives the nutty balance. Ah, I just love this one. Wave the wand in your bath. listen to the bell jingle and soak back into shimmery Christmas bubbles.

Plum Snow – $11.50


A juicy Christmas snow ball.

This bigger than the picture lets on, and is so worth the money! This bubble bar will sure last you a while. It’s a Christmas cocktail of floral aromas and orange oil. Perfect to soak into before celebrating the Christmas spirit. It’s an uplifting scent which will be great to carry you into the new year swell. The perfect gift for someone who loves celebrating this time of year and of course loves Christmas too.

 I know that this is one if Robert’s favourite scents from Lush so hey, this ones for you!

Christmas Cracker – $11.50


You’re a winner with either end of this cracker.

Gutted mine ‘snapped’. Everyone loves a Christmas cracker at Christmas, round the table while stuffing your face with roast potatoes. The jokes and little Nic-nac presents inside are always so much fun…at least for me! The bright colours are so much fun and suitable for even the Scrooge’s. Yay, I haven’t used this one yet but I’ve just read it has popping candy in! This makes it so much more fun. It is made with lemon myrtle and lime essential oils, perfect for a pre – Christmas party pamper. It also contains cocoa butter which will leave you with silky soft skin ready for the party season.

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range this year or do you have a favourite from previous years? Let me know in the comments what your favourites are!

Merry Blogmas!

Love, Abby x

P.s. 20 Days to go!

5 thoughts on “christmas lush haul | Blogmas Day 5

  1. This is a great post! I’ve been reading through a few of your blogmas posts (I’m doing it too) and I’ll be posting my Lush products review this week, I have two of the ones on your list and I used the Christmas Sweater one last night and I loved it!

    -Em xo

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