my christmas traditions| Blogmas Day 6


Welcome to Blogmas Day 6!

Today’s post is all about the items I do at Christmas time, things that I do year in year out and have become a tradition for me. Things that create the magic for me, and keep the merry spirit alive. From foods, to decorations and everything in between.

All these items have slowly become a tradition in my life, even if I didn’t realise until now. They all mean a lot too me as I’ve shared them with special people throughout my life. Every year I carry on these ‘traditions’ and share them with new people that enter my life. Christmas is my favourite time of year and it holds a special place in my heart. In a way, it keeps the magic alive and allows me to pass on my excitement!

Foods and Drinks

  • Hot chocolate – with all the trimmings. Whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and of course marshmallows. Sometimes I experiment with flavours like peppermint or vanilla by adding some of the essence into the milk as I warm it up.
  • A packet or two of Walker’s shortbread, especially the festive shapes they make during Christmas. Perfect with a cup of tea.
  • Terry’s Chocolate orange, of course. It’s the ultimate festive treat, and I have one every year without doubt.
  • Roast dinner, but isn’t that in the rules of Christmas.

Places To Go

  • The Perth Christmas Pageant in the city each year. I’ve only been twice but I love going to a ¬†Christmas parade with all the floats and festive music!
  • Drive around the streets to see the Christmas lights! We always just drive around for a while looking at the decorations on peoples houses whilst wearing a Christmas jumper of course.

Homey Things

  • Each year of course I put up and decorate the Christmas tree with the whole family with some Christmas songs in the background.
  • I always have a Christmas jumper, even though it’s super hot here I wear it at night time when it’s a little chiller.
  • Festive candles burning around the house to create the ultimate festive feel.

Christmas Eve

  • I run myself a warm bath with a Christmas Lush bath bomb to put me in the most festive mood.
  • I then put on a pair of Christmas pyjamas ready for bed.
  • Robert and I exchange one gift, just a small one to get us excited for the next day.
  • Before getting into bed we lay out the milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer, then sprinkle reindeer food on the front path.
  • My favourite part about the learn up to Christmas is settling into bed and reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but not just any version. I have had my copy since my first Christmas and I’ve read it every year. We all take it in turns to read it and it just feels so magical. It carries so many memories that I will one day pass on to my children.

Do you have any traditions that you do every year, or special things your family get up to? I’d love to know if you do!

19 days to go!!

Love, Abby x

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