gingerbread house building with my boyfriend | Blogmas Day 8

Welcome to Blogmas Day 8!

Before we begin I just want to say, today’s post is a very special one and it is by far my favourite ever post on my blog to date. It marks my first collaboration post, featuring a truly special person. My boyfriend and best friend, Robert. What a better way to introduce him properly than during Blogmas. Woohoo!

Today, we have put together and decorated our first gingerbread house together! This is both our first attempts at making one… it didn’t turn out too bad!

You’ll notice that we did wear Christmas jumpers and Santa hats. Today’s temperature was about 35 degrees Celsius. We had the aircon full blast above us and we were still boiling hot. We just wouldn’t feel Christmassy any other way!


The kit that we used was from a company called ‘Create A Treat’ you can find their website here. They do lots of creative baking kits that you can do yourself at home throughout the whole year!

*Disclaimer – This blog is in no way sponsored, I just love the product.*

We purchased our kit from Target Australia for $20. This is what you get inside:


I did buy some extra decorations which were candy canes and gingerbread men sprinkles! You can add any sweets/decorations of your choice, make your own masterpiece!

Having all of the ingredients there makes it so much easier to build and decorate! Which means it isn’t stressful and you can focus on having so much more fun!

We then started to assemble the house using the icing (which I kept calling the glue) by icing each side with a thick layer of icing to ensure it would hold together. Using the E-Z  Build tray (life saver) to make sure the walls wouldn’t fall down!


You are supposed to let this set for about 15 minutes before decorating, so during this time we decorated the gingerbread, snowman and Christmas tree cookies.


Now for the super fun part… decorate your house however you like! We went to town with ours and loved every second of decorating! The final product we were impressed with… now we’ve just got to eat it!


We honestly had the best time making this, even though we could do with a little more practice with the icing, I think we did a pretty good job! Incase you were wondering, it’s really tasty by the way!

I want to say a massive thank you to Robert for working with me on this, whilst wearing a Christmas jumper in ridiculous heat! Your support means so much to me and I appreciate you so much!

We hope you enjoyed seeing how we went with our gingerbread house! Have you made one this year, or even in previous years? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media to show me how yours went!

Merry Blogmas!

Love, Abby x

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