my favourite blogmas bloggers | Blogmas Day 9


Hey there!

Welcome to another day of Blogmas, day 9!

Today I want to write about my favourite bloggers during Blogmas, the people I’ve been loving, who have inspired me and who I generally just have content I enjoy. As it’s blogmas, I thought it’s only right to make this Christmas themed and show my appreciation to their Blogmas posts!

I hope you like this kind of post and enjoy reading through the other bloggers content. The work they put in to their blogs is amazing, especially at such a busy time of year. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and you should feel so proud of yourselves!

These bloggers are in no particular order… I love all of your blogs!

Hannah from whathannahwrote – Hannah I love your blogmas posts because they are so much fun! Posts about Christmas as a child and how to have fun as an adult at Chrsitnas. I love your posts answering the Tags, you always have the best answers and an interesting read! One thing I admire the most is how much work you put into your blog despite being so busy with uni and other life things. Your motivation is inspiring and your blogmas is amazing!

Becky from theowlet – Becky hasn’t done the typical blogmas, she’s posted when she’s wanted to and when she’s happy to. Your content is so festive, the effort you have gone into with your flatlay’s is amazing, they look incredible! I know they must have taken you a while but they were so worth it! You have been through so much in the past few weeks/months and your blog is a reflection of how strong and positive you are. We have never met but your blog makes me so happy and feeling rather festive lately too!

Marie from hellomissmarie – Girl, your blogmas is so cool. You have written some really great posts so far in blogmas. You’ve created your own tag which by the way was so fun to answer, you’ve given the best list of stocking fillers which will help anyone doing their Christmas shopping – things I never would have thought of too! Definitely a blogger to keep up with!

Make sure to click the links and read their posts!

I am enjoying so many blogs at the moment and feeling so festive with all the content. I just wanted to highlight these three bloggers as my favourite as. I feel they deserve to be recognised for their hard work!

As for me, I hope I can keep up the rest of Blogmas I’m having so much fun with it but I am also working so much this month that it’s proving quite difficult. I may miss some days out but we’ll see how I go. I should have been more prepared!

Love, Abby x


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