the best family games for christmas day | Blogmas Day 10


Welcome to Blogmas day 10!

Today is a special day, it is my younger brother and sisters 11th birthday! Barney and Harriet, I wish you a magical day! xxx

Blogmas day 10, is all about games to play as a family during the Christmas period and Christmas Day!

Growing up, we often played board games around Christmas time and as I’ve gotten older I am playing them more and more throughout the year! I thought it would be nice to put together a list of my favourite games you can play during Christmas with your family. Family time is important and you should cherish it! Then festive period is a perfect for quality family time, most people have Christmas Day off which means you have the day to spend with family, eating lots of food, playing lots of games!

This list of games would also work great as some Christmas present ideas for family members and friends too! Game nights are always a fun way to have everyone together any time of the year. For the fun loving, competition lover in your household, I hope this gives you some inspiration!…

My Top 10 Board Games/Card Games

  1. Cranium – I only recently found this game thanks to a friend and every time I’ve played it, it’s been such a laugh! You can choose how long you play for, and team games are great fun too!
  2. Articulate – One of my go-to games on game night, it’s fast paced and you’ve got to be clever with what you say!
  3. Escape the Room – For the more detective side of you, if you like solving mysteries and solving problems.. this will be the perfect game! It takes a lot of thinking and can be super challenging.
  4. Cluedo – A classic in most house holds, but a good one at that. A detective game but one that doesn’t use as much ‘skill’ you just have to keep a poker face and try to gain as much information as possible through clever questions.
  5. Monopoly – Another classic but an all time favourite. It is a make or break game, however it will keep you busy for a fair few hours, maybe while the turkey’s cooking? I never win so there must be some tricks to it…Let me know if you have any?
  6. Anomia – A card game that is unpredictable. The funniest card game I’ve ever played, and one you can play over and over again! For people over 18 (drinking age) this gets better as you drink more!
  7. UNO – A card game that apparently causes break-ups but still, a favourite of mine! You don’t really need skills for this, it’s more luck of the draw but you have to be clever with how you play.
  8. Game of Life – A family favourite of ours, see where your life leads you! You have a different result each time you play, which makes it fun every time no matter who you play with!
  9. Guess Who – This is a quick game to play but again, each time you play you will have a different round. You have to be clever with your process of elimination. Perfect for the person who likes trying to solve problems and figuring things out.
  10. Jenga – There are a few variations to the game, you can play original Jenga or write dares/tasks on each one. I think it makes a great gift if you personalise it or add your own little touch. Some people play a drinking game and that’s fun too! There isn’t any particular skills to this, just try to keep the tower standing up. I will say, this game puts me on edge!

Do you have any family favourites that you play at Christmas, or even throughout the year? I’d love some recommendations for new board games and card games! Let me know in the comments below!

We are so close to Christmas now! 15 days to go!

Love, Abby x

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