stocking filler gift guide| Blogmas Day 12

Welcome to Blogmas day 12!

Wow, 12 days into December already… it feels like someone has pressed fast forward on this month. Christmas is just 13 days away!!

Usually at this time of year I have my shopping pretty much finished, this year however, I’m no where near done. I have a few people still to shop for and very few ideas for them.  Today I thought I’d write a post with some stocking filler ideas which you don’t just have to use for stocking’s by the way… they’d make great secret Santa presents too!

For the woman in your life…

  • Perfume – This can be a selection of small bottles or a bigger bottle of one particular scent.
  • Candles – A cute candle that isn’t too big but smells amazing.
  • Chocolates/Sweets – There are great festive treats available at this time of year. I always put chocolate coins at the bottom of every stocking.
  • Mini Bottles Of Alcohol – Share some festive spirit(s).
  • Smellies – Which most people call bath and shower products. A few little bottles/products of their favourite brand or some new products from them to try out. A great pamper gift for the woman that needs some ‘me time’.
  • Lush – Bathbombs are a traditional stocking filler gift I choose as they make the whole stocking or gift smell amazing! There are so many products at Lush that you’ll no doubt find something to give!
  • Tea/Coffee – A selection of festive teas/coffee’s to give them a Christmassy drink to enjoy.
  • Jewellery – A gift of precious jewellery that will also be a lovely surprise and a sentimental keep sake.
  • Socks/Underwear – These always come in handy and are a typical gift to give someone, buying some special ones are perfect for a stocking.
  • CD’s – They are small and thin which is great to fit in almost any size stocking. If you know their favourite band, or even a Christmas CD, it’s always a great stocking filler.

For the man in your life…

  • A Lynx Set – Really you can put in any smellies or skin care products that you’re man will love. It’s not a thing that many men treat themselves too, so having some really nice smellies and skin care can give your man the pamper he deserves.
  • DVD’s – I also love TV series DVD’s. Most of the men I know have a favourite film or TV series that I know they’d love to own. They fit great in stockings too.
  • Chocolates/Sweets – Again, so many great festive treats. Perfect for the man with a sweet tooth.
  • Alcohol – Perfect for the party season.
  • Pants/Socks – A typical gift, but so useful. A special set, or a really nice pack works wonders as a stocking filler or present add-on.
  • Grooming Kit – Similar to skin care but you can actually get some really nice grooming kits for a man with beard. Always appreciated and always useful.
  • Gift Cards – If you are stuck with ideas, gift cards are great if you know stores they love/would love.
  • Jewellery/Cufflinks – A man in a suit or a partner. Something they can treasure or have as a keepsake.
  • Wallet – It is easy for a man to carry on using a wallet that should be thrown out, or is breaking at the seams. Much like most women too, we use our purses until it’s stretched and ripped. Having a new wallet to use is a treat and so satisfying.
  • Gimmicks – There are so many stores that sell odd, novelty things that make great stocking fillers, like goggles made out of straws for your beer, and a pooping penguin chocolate gift. Lots of fun and a great laugh too.

For the children in your life…

  • Chocolates/Sweets – Of course. It’s what most children look forward too, eating their new chocolates for breakfast on Christmas Day because it’s the second day of the year you can have chocolate for breakfast without an argument. (Easter is one too).
  • Toys/Games – Small boxes of Lego is a great one, even for the bigger kids (me) who love to build and play. Small card games are great stocking sizes.
  • Video Games – To be honest it’s what most kids want nowadays isn’t it.
  • Smellies – They are literally perfect for anyone of any age. You can get fun bath time things like Jelly-Bath and bath crayons – cool, right?
  • Perfume/Aftershave – You can get really cute bottles like princesses and super heroes that make the children feel like grown ups as they open their presents.
  • Nik Naks – There are so many cool things on offer for children, like mini games and cute hair bands, even fidget spinners. Children love to follow the latest trends with toys – like Pokemon cards.
  • Gift Cards – It sounds so boring and easy, but actually there are a lot of children (i.e my sister) who love to go shopping and spend money like an adult would. Giving them a selection of gift cards means they get to choose some gifts they’d really love with the excitement of shopping for it!
  • Christmas Pyjamas – They usually wrap up really small, which makes them perfect for stockings and also adds a little magic. This would also be great to give Christmas Eve so they can wake up feeling festive.
  • Dressing Up Accessories – This could be a tiara, a batman cape even some Christmassy headbands or glasses!
  • Lush – If you have a bath, Lush is perfect. They always release a Christmas collection with lost of fun products. This year one of my favourite ones for Christmas has to be the ‘Two Front Teeth’ and the fidget sinner one is cool too.

Well I hope this gives you some ideas for gifts, writing this has definitely helped me out a lot too! How is your Christmas shopping going? Were you organised this year?

Let me know in the comments below… hopefully I’m not the only one thats left it too late!

I am so so so SO excited to wrap all of my presents up, it’s the most exciting part by far!

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Love, Abby x

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