a cozy christmassy night in | Blogmas Day 13


12 days until Christmas!….YAY!

Welcome to Blogmas day 13!

If you’ve been reading any of my Blogmas posts you’ll know I am utterly obsessed with all things Christmas. One of my most favourite things is having a cozy December night in with Robert, just relaxing and feeling all the Christmassy vibes.

We both work pretty much full time and only have evenings together. At Christmas time we see each other even less because I work in retail which means late nights and long hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love how busy it is, and how excited everyone is about Christmas as they are shopping for their family and friends. It just means that Robert and I have even less time together and we are both usually very tired…

So, I have put together a little post about my ideal cozy night in for December. and how we find the time to relax and unwind. There may be some of you out there who feel the same or even have it worse than us, so I hope this helps and brings you some relaxation.

When we arrive home, I straight away turn on the Christmas lights, this automatically puts me in a festive mood! We then get changed into what we call ‘comfy clothes’ aka a baggy t-shirt and loose shorts.


We usually get home around dinner time so my ideal December dinner would be a chicken and mushroom pie with creamy cheesy mash and some veg. Hmmm.. yes it’s summer here but I could always eat a warm, hearty meal that doesn’t take too much effort.

Whilst cooking/preparing dinner I would play my festive playlist, this means I’ll be singing along and dancing around with silly dance moves… Robert will dance with me too! (Goals, right?).

After dinner and clearing up (ugh, this is sometimes too much effort haha), I love to sit down, maybe watch a little bit of TV whilst my dinner goes down. Then run a warm bath, of course using Lush products, you can read which ones I’m using this Christmas, here. I love that they fill the air with a Christmas aroma that lingers all through the house. I’d probably have a soak for about an hour. Long baths are my ultimate favourite thing to do after a long day!


Once I’m out of the bath I love to put on some clean Christmas pyjamas and us a cup of festive tea. At the moment I am loving T2’s ‘Christmas Breakfast which you can read about here, and of course I’ll use festive mugs. I love to have a Christmas snack which is usually some Walker’s shortbread or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.


We usually love to lay in bed and watch TV but during the lead up to Christmas I’ll be putting on my favourite Christmas films. I have a top 10 list here, but my all time favourite is Miracle On 34th Street so I’ll opt for that, or Elf, I love that too. (Maybe a Christmas movie marathon… that would be fun!).

During the Christmas period I am extra busy so it’s important I try to have an early night and a decent sleep, ready for the next day! After relaxing for the evening I find it so much easier to dose off into a deep sleep that leaves me feeling rested when I wake up. Nothing worse than waking up feel so tired still!

I hope you are finding time for yourself this Christmas, what are your top tips to for relaxing and unwinding? Let me know in the comments, I’d love some ideas! I know it isn’t an easy time of year for everyone so I hope you take care of yourself and find time to treat a look after yourself as it’s easy to get caught up in the madness.

Not long to go now!

Love, Abby x



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