the christmas tag | Blogmas Day 14


Welcome to Blogmas day 14,

Woohoo we are over half way to Christmas!

Today I am back with another tag. I personally love reading tags, they are always different and you can learn so much about someone and realise you actually have so much in common!

I have written The Christmas Tag (my own version) and a Christmas Would You Rather so if you want more Christmassy questions you can check those out!

Thanks to Becky from The Owlet Blog, who I admire by the way! Becky has nominated me for this tag and after reading her post and answers I was so excited to write up my own post, anything Christmas I’m up for…

You can read Becky’s post here and see how she answered! I’d recommend you check it out, it’s a really good read! The pictures on her post are amazing too! *flatlay goals*.

Questions and Answers

1.What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

Well I have actually written blog post on my top 10 favourite Christmas films which you can read here. I do have an all time favourite which is; Miracle On 34th Street, it has always been a favourite and I watch it every year!

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

As a child, I never ever opened a present on Christmas Eve, it didn’t ever feel right. We always opened immediate family members and Santa’s presents in the morning and then  after dinner in the evening we open all of the other presents under the tree! I still carry on that tradition with my family, but now that I am getting older and I have a boyfriend I do things differently. Each year on Christmas Eve Robert and I exchange one present but usually at midnight so technically Christmas Day. Just a little something, similar to a Christmas Eve box, but our own version of that. We then wake up in the morning and open our stockings and other presents together.

3.Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I don’t have a favourite Christmas day memory, as I love each year and we always create more memories. For 13 years my family on my mums side attended the Harrod’s Christmas parade in London which was on the first weekend on November every year. That was main thing we all looked forward to every year as a family, the parade was so magical and then we would get to shop around Harrod’s after. They’ve actually stopped the parade’s now which makes the memories all the more important to me!

4.Favourite festive food?

Christmas dinner, 100%. I look forward to the big Christmas dinner all year round, it’s just the best. Other than that I enjoy all of the festive treats that are in the shops for the lead up to Christmas. Like shortbread, Christmassy shaped chocolates, tins of quality streets and Terry’s chocolate oranges. All the bad stuff, but it tastes soooooo good!

5.Favourite Christmas gift?

As a child, I was very lucky. I was always given presents that I love and usually asked for.  My favourite toys and clothes, one year I asked for a brother or sister, the next year I had one of each (haha). My favourite gift with sentimental meaning is my promise ring from Robert. He gave it to me on our first Christmas Eve together and I’ve worn it ever since. I am a very soppy person so receiving this was so lovely.

6.Favourite Christmas scent?

For perfume I would say anything Christmas related, with cinnamon or mandarin accents. Around Christmas it’s the time where you can get dressed up a little more so I use one of my favourite perfumes, which this year is Daisy my Marc Jacobs.

7.Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

As a child, when we lived in England we used to visit our local church for the Christmas carols and nativity. Since living in Australia Robert and I have created a tradition that we put on our Christmas jumpers, have either a hot chocolate or festive tea and drive around the streets looking at the Christmas lights. We then set out Santa’s milk and cookies with a carrot for the reindeer, and outside we sprinkle our homemade reindeer food, (oats and glitter in a special jar). Every year since my very first Christmas I read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ a book given to me in 1997. We now read it with my siblings as we all tuck up into bed. It is a tradition I will carry on when I have children of my own too. We then finish off the evening by giving each other one present as I mentioned before.

8.What tops your tree?

Our family tree is topped with an angel that we have had for so many years, it has become a tradition to place her at the top of the tree. The tree that Robert and I decorate is usually topped with a star but this year we have gone for an old vintage Santa decoration that I have had for many years.

9.As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I’d say the craziest present I ever asked for was a brother or sister, I didn’t get that straight away but the next year my mum had twins on the 10th of December. I guess Santa just needed more time for those presents!

10.What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

Family being together. That was always my favourite part about Christmas, but being in Australia this makes it so much harder to spend time together. So, my favourite part about Christmas here would be buying gifts for everyone. I love to spoil my family, so Christmas shopping is great fun for me.

So that is the end of this Christmas tag, thanks again Becky for nominating me! I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag, and learnt something knew about me!

If you’d like to take part in this tag then definitely do it! It’s so much fun to do and it really gets you thinking about Christmas when you were a child. Let mw know if you do answer this tag, I ‘d love to read your posts!

Merry Blogmas!

Love, Abby x

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