self care at christmas | Blogmas Day 16


Hello and welcome to another day of Blogmas, day 16!

Today’s post is about how important it is to make time for yourself at Christmas as it is an especially busy time of year. I personally have been super busy, and have had to find time for myself. It is easy to become exhausted and start to lose energy but having self care time is crucial to staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

I am going to share with you my own tips/ideas on how to have more self care and what you can do to stay healthy and energised over the Christmas period.

This December I feel like I have taken a lot on, not only have I been writing a Blogmas post every day, I have worked pretty much every day of the lead up to Christmas. Working in retail means this is the busiest time of the year for us. That’s why it is crucial I stay healthy, otherwise I’d go insane.

Physical Changes

Recently  I have slightly changed  my routine and added things to make me feel a little but better about my appearance. I’m not a very social person so for me, dressing up ‘nice’ is a rare occasion. I have been washing my hair every three days or so, and every time I’ve washed it, I’ve been curling it too. It’s boosted my confidence and I have received so many compliments. I roughly curl it using an old curling iron of mine, so it takes about 20 minutes or so from start to finish. The curls will last up to three days which means I do not have to style it at all during that time, as I feel I’ve already put in the effort.

The next thing I have been doing is changing my skin care routine (which means instead of using a baby wipe, I’ve actually been using skin care products to remove makeup). Every morning before applying my makeup I have even using face cleansers and face oils that have lightened my skin, and given a more awakening look…hiding the heavy bags under my eyes. My skin is looking and feeling so much better which again adds to my confidence and removes some of the stresses I face with my skin on a daily basis.

My favourite thing that I have been doing every day in December is proudly wearing the brightest red lipstick I own. There’s no better time than the party season, right? With my bouncy curls, fresh skin and a bright red lip, each day I am feeling fierce, strong and most all of all confident which makes me even more determined to succeed in what needs to be done.

Mental Changes

The changes in my mental state have been inspired by my physical changes. Putting in this extra minutes of effort gives me a whole new mentality. I do things for myself and beginning to feel proud of what I’m achieving is fuelling my motivation to achieve more.

My biggest mental change and most rewarding is putting myself first. I don’t put pressure on myself to impress other people. With my blog, I write because I want too and I enjoy doing it. Not because people expect me too, or I feel like I owe it to anyone else, but because I, myself, want to.

During December I work a lot which means less time for myself and not enough sleep. Trying to balance work and life can be hard sometimes but I am finding ways to deal with it. I’ve been drinking festive teas in the morning which is a great way to wake me up and get me ready for day. My body also appreciate this as herbal teas act as a detox and it’s just bliss when my body is getting all of the goodness. It gives me energy that I so desperately need.

Trying to get as much sleep as I possibly can, however this isn’t going too well for me. I’m writing Blogmas posts until 11pm every evening and then up at 6:30 every morning, but I am not stressing about it. When I stress it makes things worse, so I keep calm and I get done what I need to. I think that is how I have managed to write 16 blog posts, no stress means I have more brain space to focus on the things I enjoy doing.

Are you finding that you have a jam packed December? How are you managing to deal with it all? Let me know in the comments your best ways to stay relaxed and have more self care during Christmas.

I wish you all a happy day!

Love, Abby x


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