we’re so cute | Blogmas Day 17



Welcome to Blogmas Day 17!

Seriously, it’s the 17th already? Ahhh 8 more days to go!

Are you excited? I AMMMM!

Today’s blog is all about my cozy night in, reflecting on my self care post from yesterday, and taking time for myself. After being so busy I really needed a chilled night in, but I still wanted to post Blogmas day 17 so that I can look back on everything I got up to this year, plus… we’re pretty cute.

With all the excitement and busy days that December brings, I felt so overdue for a relaxed night in! I’m so glad Robbie was up for it too. It was a rainy, grey evening and I must say, I was most excited for it! It felt so Christmassy and it was the perfect night for a cozy Christmas night in. If you’ve read Blogmas Day 13 you’ll know what makes the best cozy night in for me. As I’ve been super busy today I knew there was no better way to chill out than to put a Christmas film on and do nothing else.

Tonight’s agenda was to cook a quick and easy meal and just relax. It turned into the most chilled, but festive night so far this year! We cooked the easiest of dinners, frozen veg, puff pastry and frozen mash, perfect after a long, busy day. We then made a cup of Christmas tea and decided to put on Fred Clause, a Christmas film of course.

To complete the festive night I thought I’d give Robbie an early Christmas present and surprise him with matching Christmas pyjamas… He loved them! It now means we can wear them for the lead up to Christmas and enjoy them for even longer.

The pyjamas are from Peter Alexander and are the most cozy, comfy pj’s everrrrr!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….





Yes, we are a little bit crazy and most couples won’t wear matching pyjamas, but we love them and I think we look pretty cool.

8 more days!

Love, Abby x


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