christmas books i’d love to read | Blogmas Day 18


Welcome to Blogmas day 18!

One week to go…!

In today’s posts I want to write about the Christmassy books that I would love to read. I have always loved reading and this year especially I have read a lot of books. The only books missing from my collection are Christmas books – so I need to fix that! Reading for me, is one of the best ways to escape from reality, to delve into a book and put myself into another world is just so magical. It’s also a great way to feel the festive spirit and enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

I have put together a list of books that I have either seen before or have discovered after googling ‘romantic Christmas books’. Books that I normally read are romantic novels and usually revolve around love. Putting romance and Christmas together into a book is just perfect to me.

Please if you have any recommendations let me know! I would love to get my hands on some festive reads and all ideas are greatly appreciated!

A list of festive books that I’d love to read:

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens: I’d love to have a limited edition hardback copy, it would just look amazing on a book shelf too!

Christmas At Little Beach Street Bakery: – Jenny Colgan I have heard of this book before and it seems like such a comforting read.

Twelve Days Of Christmas – Debbie Macomber: A Christmas book about a blogger who falls in love unexpectedly… need I say more about it?

Let It Snow – John Green: I really surprise myself that I haven’t yet read this, in the whole of my John Green collection this hasn’t yet made it’s way in. John Green’s style of writing is beautiful and I think this is a book that I just have to read.

Christmas at the Little Clock House on the Green – Eve Devon: A warming Christmas romance  novel that seems like such an easy read. It’s romantic and funny (from what I’ve read) so I would love to read this!

Do you read much? Let me know if theres any books I haven’t mentioned that you think I’d love!

I may have to purchase some new books for myself…or save them for next year!

Love, Abby x

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