diy cheap gift wrapping ideas| Blogmas Day 19


Hey there!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 19!

I love love love gift wrapping. Even those awkward how do I even do this type of shaped gift, for example – a tin of quality streets or a football. I try my best to make it look as presentable as possible, I will admit it doesn’t always work.

For today’s blog post I will show you the gift wrap I am using this year and what little hanging things I am dressing the presents up with. I am wrapping two easy shaped boxes today to hopefully inspire you on how to easily present your gifts in a beautiful way, if I do say so myself.


My colour theme for this year is traditional red and gold, you’ll notice a very vintage-y style and I hope you like it. I have pulled together a really cheap way to decorate your gifts as I know this time of year can be truly expensive. If you have written or video-d any gift wrapping ideas, please let me know! I’d love to find some inspiration too!

Gift Wrap – Spotlight

Spotlight – $2.50 per 5 metres (Brand is Jolly&Joy)

IMG_4874.jpg IMG_4875.jpg

Decorative Items –  IKEA and Craft Store

Ikea – Tiny Baubles $6.99 per 25 pack. Santa Tags $3.99 per 10 pack.

Craft Store – Twine/String and Bells (You can buy these at any craft or gift wrap shop)

IMG_4885.jpg IMG_4884.jpg IMG_4871.jpg IMG_4872.jpg

Gift Wrapping:

This is the fun part…

To start, I just wrapped the twine around the red present 4 times and with the brown Santa paper I crossed it over and did each side 3 times. (You can wrap the twine as many times as you like, I won’t be doing this of every present as the twine will go quickly).

IMG_4876.jpg IMG_4878.jpg

Once you have tied around your twine, you can choose as many little decorations as you want. I have 2 different styles to give you some inspiration and ideas.

They are super easy to tie on, you can tie a bow or a knot and use as many decorations as you like. Get creative and use different sizes and colours!

IMG_4881.jpg IMG_4880.jpg

Here is the final look…


Not only will these look amazing on under your Christmas tree on Christmas Day but everyone will be impressed. You’ll be the nominated wrapper from now on… haha!

It’s really easy to do and doesn’t take long, so if you want to jazz up your presents this Christmas (or even birthday’s) then do it! Put on a Christmas film, have a hot chocoate and enjoy it!

Maybe have someone help to cut the sticky tape or use a sticky tape holder, this will save you so much time!

Please show me on either twitter or Instagram if you decide to jazz up your Christmas presents! I’d love to see how yours look! Do you enjoy gift wrapping? Let me know in the comments!

Speak soon,

Love, Abby x

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