festive yankee candle haul | Blogmas Day 20


Hey there,

Welcome to Blogmas day 20! Yeah, that’s right, the 20th day of December. What is this madness??

It just means that I am super excited because we are officially 5 days away from Christmas Day! I’m loving everything that the lead up to Christmas brings. I have over indulged with chocolate and listened to Michael Buble’s Christmas album more times than is considered normal, and with each day, more excitement comes!

One of the best things around Christmas times are the scents, the smell of cinnamon and home-baking, oranges and real Christmas trees. (It sucks that I don’t have a real tree in Australia, but still there are amazing candles that smell just the same!). We don’t all have time for baking or drying out oranges so the best way to bring your favourite Christmas scents into your home are to light festive candles, this way, you can have all the Christmas scents your heart desires.  A different scent in each room? Perfect.

My all time favourite brand of candles is Yankee Candles, and it has become a tradition, or habit, to collect a Christmas Yankee Candle each year. Today I am sharing with you my favourite Christmas candles and the ones I’ll be burning this year for Christmas.


Sampler Candles

I find these perfect for Christmas time as you can put them in tea light holders or little Christmas candle holders and place them amongst your fireplace garland or a window sill. You can burn the sampler candles for up to 15 hours. They are the perfect size for you to burn quickly and change up scents often. Especially if there is a few you want to try, they are perfect to ‘sample’. Also, great stocking filler size!

Olive & Thyme


This scent isn’t a particularly Christmassy scent, but it has a fresh foliage smell which works well to balance out the strong smells of cinnamon. This would be nice to have burning in your hallway as people are walking in to your home. It’s not too strong which makes it the perfect ice breaker for the rest of the Christmassy candles.

Tarte Tatin


A classical home-baking scent with all the spices. It really warms the home and creates all the cozy vibes. If you love a typical Christmas scent this is perfect for you. It’s a mix of spices,  vanilla and sweet apple. The ingredients of a perfect Christmas tart. Definitely for the person that loves baking at Christmas time.

Sparkling Cinnamon


One of my FAVES! Cinnamon is my ultimate Christmas scent. No matter what form it’s in, a drink, bath product or a candle. It is the scent I always reach for at Christmas time. For me it’s the scent symbol for Christmas, I know that gingerbread is a popular scent and I love that too, but cinnamon is a winner for me. It puts me in a real festive mood to cozy up and play Christmas carols on repeat. You can have this anywhere in your home and it will burn the smell all throughout your house. It’s strong but amazing.

Medium Candle Jars

The candle jars are perfect to place anywhere in your home, you can burn them in the jar which makes it easier to display them. You can burn the medium far for around 65-90 hours, amazing for cozy nights in, or Christmas parties you may have at home! They make a statement by them selves and you can also choose a colour to match the theme of your home decor or season!

Festive Cocktail


Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Smells yummy too! This candle has a very sweet berry scent, with a pine twist. I think you could actually burn this all year round because it’s just a soft fresh smell. The pine definitely warms the berries and creates more of a Christmassy feel. I have just realised it has a vanilla base which I didn’t notice before but as I’ve read it I can smell vanilla.. but it may be my brain playing tricks on me. It is a scent that I think anyone would enjoy, it’s sweet but suttle. Festive scent without being too strong.

All Is Bright


A true festive favourite. A scent that you can burn for of any your Christmas festivities! It’s a lovely soft scent of musk and citrus, perfect for the background at parties or a day in at home. If you’re not too keen on intense Christmas candles, or you’re not a fan of cinnamon. This candle would be perfect for you. It’s fresh, yet warm, which makes it easy to love at this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed my festive candle blog, do you like too burn candles at home? Let me know in the comments what scents are your go to favourites at Christmas time!

I’d love to see if we have the same taste!

Also, if there are any brands that you love that you think I would let me know or link them in the comments. I’m a candle hoarder so suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Love, Abby x

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