presents for pets | Blogmas Day 21


Hello everyone and welcome back to Blogmas day 21!

Something very exciting is happening over Christmas for Robert and I! We are looking after 2 Golden Retrievers! It’s like the best Christmas present everrrrr! I am absolutely in love with this breed of dog and am so excited to be looking after them.

As I am very much a dog lover, well animal lover to be honest, I was inspired to write a post on some ideas of presents you can purchase for your pets for Christmas. I know that not everyone buys presents for their pets, but I am the person that does. Maybe you are too?

I’d love to know if you spoil your pets at Christmas or if you just stick to the human side of gift giving?

Presents For Pets

  • Treats – An obvious choice but one that any pet appreciates. Given in moderation and usually for rewards, buying their favourite treats or biscuits is like buying a child their favourite toy. They get so excited which makes it fun to give them out too.
  • A new collar/leash – I know that they aren’t a thing that animals will ‘appreciate’ but using a new collar/leash will make walks etc so much fun for you, therefore your pet will be even more excited! You can also then style your pet in different colours/styles to suit your own personality too.
  • Outfits – Call me crazy but I love to dress pets  up, especially during special holidays and events. It has become such a craze to have different outfits for your pets you can even have matching outfits with your pets!
  • A special Christmas Dinner – It’s the most exciting thing about Christmas! Why not let your pet have something special to eat too! You can even find special ‘Christmas Dinner’ tins etc of food. However, I haven’t managed to find any this year…yet!
  • Toys – If your pet loves to play or if you have a fish tank to decorate, you can buy their favourite kind of toy, squeaky or soft and have so much fun playing with them. If you do have a fish or a reptile, adding in new statues or ‘redecorating’ as I call it, is just as great as giving a toy to a dog. They can swim or crawl around and find new places to hide!

I hope this gives your some ideas on what to buy your pets! It’s super fun to unwrap the presents with them – if they get excited too!

Merry Blogmas! Only 4 days to go!

Love, Abby x

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