favourite festive treats | Blogmas Day 23



Welcome to Blogmas day 23!

Today I am sharing  with you my favourite festive treats… aka, the food we all over indulge in at Christmas!

There is so much joy in food shopping during the Christmas period, I’m obsessed with the festive packaging that is on the chocolates and biscuits. The food I wouldn’t normally pick up throughout the year finds it’s way into the trolley at Christmas purely for the packaging. I also have certain foods that I associate with Christmas and only buy at Christmas time.

Are you the same? Is there any foods at Christmas that you just HAVE to get or it just doesn’t feel right?. Even if it isn’t a sweet treat, I’d love to know!

Here are my must-have treats at Christmas:

  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange – A classic and ultimate Christmas treat.
  • Walker’s Shortbread – The best at Christmas with the festive shapes.
  • Guylian Sea Shells – The chocolate that is always on my wish list.
  • Twiglets – Not many peoples fave but I love them!
  • Tin of Quality Street/Roses – The brightly coloured wrappers and the race to eat all the green and purple ones has practically become a tradition.
  • Mr.Kipling Bakewells – The festive recipe is just the best, no other bake wells compare.

You may be able to tell that I have a sweet tooth. At Christmas I always eat triple the amount I normally would of sweets and chocolates but I feel like it is the one month/season you can do without being judged for it, are you with me? The food is just the best during this season and I love cozy nights in watching a Christmas film and eating so much junk food!

Only one day of Blogmas left and two sleeps until the big day! I feel like time has gone super fast and somehow I have managed to write a blog post every day!

See you tomorrow for the last day of Blogmas!

Love, Abby x


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