merry christmas | Blogmas Day 24



I have some explaining to do…

So it is actually 1:30am here in Perth and yes it is late for blogmas day 24 but it is now officially Christmas Day! I’d say it’s still kinda Blogmas Day 24 too, so I’m still on time I guess?

Merry Christmas to every single one of you! I hope you’re day is merry and bright and filled with all things cosy and joyful!

I have made it to the end of Blogmas! This challenge has sure been a test of my motivation and dedication. It has proved to me that I can stick to something if I really want. Thanks to all of the amazing bloggers who have supported me, helped me and inspired me throughout this crazy month. Without the amazing blogging community I would definitely have given up a long time ago.

I really didn’t have the confidence in myself at the beginning of Blogmas, I thought that I’d have given up within the first week, but I’ve kept at it and I’ve really enjoyed each and every day!

I wish you all the happiness that Christmas can bring!

I’ll speak again soon,

Love, Abby x

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