urban decay heat palette | First Impressions


Hello there lovelies,

How are you doing? How are you feeling today? Welcome back to my blog!

I am so excited for today’s post as I finally have my hands on my first ever Urban Decay palette!! I received it as a gift from my lovely boyfriend for my birthday present and have only just had time to photograph it. This means I haven’t yet used it, now I’m dying to!…

Have you used the Urban Decay heat palette before, if so, what do you think of it? If not, is it something you’d want to try?

Urban Decay as a brand is always one I have wanted to try, and after seeing so much press, posts and advertising I gave in. It is one of those things you hear so much about, that you just have to try for yourself… So, what’s all the fuss about?

First impressions:


The packaging is so well designed to suit the name of the palette. The general aesthetics of the palette altogether is gorgeous. The name, the colour theme and the design is attractive enough, without even looking at the shades. It just looks so so so so pretty, don’t you think so too?

The orangey red tones are perfect for every season, every outfit and every occasion. The eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented which helps to adds more depth to your eyes and makeup altogether. It means that you’ll be able to use less, more. The colour shows well and is easier to blend together to create your own look. Blending different shades together helps create a colour/look to match any outfit your wearing.

These eyeshadow colours are my all time fave. They go with evvverthing. Which makes it sooo much easier when packing up a makeup bag for a holiday or weekend away.Β It’s basically the only palette I need, Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. Just imagining the outfits to go with each shade makes me want to go shopping for more clothes (not that I need any more).


I love this palette for many reasons; not only is it gorgeous but it’s practical too. It comes with a mirror the whole length of the palette and a double ended brush fro applying the eyeshadows and blending them too. This makes the perfect travel makeup bag companion for convenience. It’s a slim design too which means it will fit in (most) handbags.

My favourite shade is ‘Scorched’. I was drawn to it straight away because of the shimmer. I love an eyeshadow that sparkles, especially when wearing a plain outfit and adding a pop of colour to my eyes. It really stands out to me as it can go with anything.


My second favourite is ‘Dirty Talk’, look at it! The coppery, golden shimmer is stunning. Again, its will compliment any outfit, I’d wear this with my rose gold jewellery. I honestly didn’t know I needed this palette until now. I can imagine having ‘Low Blow’ as my base colour with ‘Dirty Talk’ and ‘Scorched’ blended together over the top. Ugh, I wanna go play with these now!

What’s your favourite or go -to shade from this palette?

I am so happy to finally be able to use my palette, and I already want more. This is definitely the start of a happy obsession. The hype around Urban Decay did not disappoint, it is worth the money (even if it is on the pricey side) and I know that it will last me a long time. Having makeup that I love and feel excited to wear makes me feel so much more confident.

If you have any recommendations of any makeup brands or products you think I should try, please let me know in the comments below! All recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first impression on the Urban Decay Heat Palette. This is my first blog post that is really beauty related, I am not a professional beauty guru (I wish) but really enjoy experimenting and learning about beauty products every day. There will be more beauty blog posts to come in the future and I am excited to share them with you!

Love, Abby x




7 thoughts on “urban decay heat palette | First Impressions

  1. Great post, and congrats on your first UD naked palette! My first was #3 and it was my first high end, so that sucker holds a special place in my heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I ended up purchasing all of them and passed on the Smokey (not inspiring to me) and these days the first two I am working on learning to love again! I told myself I didn’t want to get this one because I felt like no matter what look I created with this, they would all look similar, if that makes any sense. I have to admit those rusty mattes are to die for😍😍😍 will there be swatches in the future by any chance?



    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! It’s made my day already!πŸ’– Isn’t it just the most exciting thing, I’ve never owned high end make up before, and as you say it now holds a special place in my heart too! I want to use it all the time, but I also don’t want to use it ever!?! I think it’s gorgeous, the reviews I read about it made me neeeed it! And now I love it!πŸ”₯ I would love to do a post with swatches! I just gotta learn how to do it so it looks pretty enough for pictures πŸ˜‚ Watch this space, thanks again Sharon! πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem Gorgeous, I’m happy I can brighten your day! Enjoy your palette I assure you you’ll never want to let it go, I will never get rid of my naked 3 even if I have to use it for decorπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and girl when I first started my channel all I used for swatches was natural lighting, good angles, and my camera phone, and guess what? I still use the same techniqueπŸ˜‰ no need to break the bank on expensive equipment when you have it right at your fingertips! Keep up the awesome job Abbs!πŸ’“


        Liked by 1 person

      2. I 100% am addicted to it now! It’s the first of many, I just know it 😍 Thanks for the tips, I will try out some swatches and hopefully have a blog post up soon… just don’t hold me to it haha! Thanks so much πŸ’–

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