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Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week, have you got that Friday feeling?

This weekend I am so excited, I have both days off which means I will be squeezing in everything I can to make the most of it! Eating at restaurants, a trip to the city, a long walk, a football game and a day at the races! I’m really happy to be stepping out this weekend as it’s easy for me to turn things down, not today, not this weekend – I’m going all out!

What are you up to this weekend? Do you have anything planned, are you working?

Today I thought I’d share my latest obsession with you, well it’s been going on for a couple of months but I think you’ll like to hear it.

Remember the hype around mermaid and unicorn make up brushes? Well, I went a little over board and ordered SO many! They do look really cute though, which I couldn’t resist. They also look great in pictures and needed an excuse to share them.Since I’ve been experimenting more with makeup lately, it seemed like the perfect time to let you in to have a peek at my collection.


Usually my all time favourite makeup brushes to use are the Real Technique brushes by Sam & Nick but, as I’m due new ones and need to save up, I’ve been using my cheaper alternative brushes every now and then. Now, I know the quality is half of the RT brushes but they do a good job. Not only are they OK they look fabulous and I feel magical using them.

My collection

I have a variety of colours and styles, you can tell I got a rather excited when ordering them.




I actually ordered these from eBay, they are around $8-$12 a set, depending on style and quantity. There are so many choices available with different colours, styles, lengths, sizes and quantity. I look to have a different variety of colours as they actually motivate me to try out new makeup techniques and shades (eyes shadows etc.) because it’s just so exciting.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend using these as your go to brushes, but for basic quick and easy reach they are perfect. I also take them travelling with me because I’d rather have these in my bag than my RT.

My little sister is in love with these brushes, she’s 11 and starting to get into makeup. It makes it the perfect gift idea for her, or people similar who are just starting out with makeup or are obsessed with unicorns (who isn’t right now?) so I’ll be giving her some of my brushes.

Have you used these brushes before or do you prefer high end make up brushes?

If you have any recommendations for brands please let me know, I’m on the look out for new ones!

Love, Abby x

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