my lush spa experience|A Birthday Treat


Hello there!

Welcome to a very long blog post….enjoy!

*Includes treatment spoilers*

One of my favourite things to treat myself to are LUSH products. Not just one thing specifically but just anything from there. It’s a crazy obsession. I keep up with the new releases and have tried almost all of the products. One thing I have always wanted to try out is the Lush Spa in the UK. This is a little bit tricky as I live in Australia – you see my issue?

Today, I  am writing a well over due blog post on my LUSH spa experience, a blog that I am very excited to share with you! First of all, a little story on how my experience came about…

I actually flew over to the UK with my boyfriend in January to visit family and to celebrate my 21st birthday. We had the most amazing time and can’t wait to go back again, you can check out what we got up to and my fave pictures from our trip here.

Being back in the UK meant we were able to catch up with friends and family and really cherish our time together. As it was my birthday I thought what better way to celebrate than to have everyone together all in one night (we were tight with time, so it fit perfectly). One present that I received (one of my favourites, I must say) came from my Godparents Roy and Sophie. It was so lovely to see them, but I was not expecting a present at all.

They gifted me a Lush Spa voucher to use whilst on my holiday, AMAZING, I KNOW! Sophie had told me that she’d read my blog and discovered my love for LUSH and knew it would be perfect for me. It was, it is and I haven’t stopped talking about it from nearly two months ago!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Roy and Sophie, it honestly was such a thoughtful gift and I loved it. I was not expecting it at all, but am ever so grateful. It was amazing and I will never forget it!

The Treatment

The treatment that I had is called ‘Synaesthesia’ it is LUSH’s first ever treatment they created and is the signature treatment at the spa. It is an 80 minute full body massage that ignites your senses in different ways to fully relax your mind, reduce stress and help to lift your energy levels.

Before the day of my visit I did some research into what the treatment is and what I can expect from it. I discovered that on YouTube there is a video on the creation of the treatment and the ideas behind it, you can watch the video here.

I found out that there is an 80 minute sound track composed by Simon Emmerson. It perfectly mirrors the movements of the massage treatment. It takes you on a journey of your day from night time to the following afternoon. The music helps to set the scene and relax your body and mind completely.

The Experience

January in the UK as you may already know is winter, which means grey skies and pretty much 100% chance of rain. Not only is this my favourite type of weather, it’s a perfect type of day to be inside a LUSH spa having a relaxing massage not worrying about anything. Am I right? I think I’m right.

So on 24th January I visited the King’s Road, Chelsea LUSH store/spa. Getting there was a little bit crazy, as it’s in London the parking around is not great, as you can imagine. Robert was driving and I was navigating, we ended up getting lost and going round in circles, we ended up parking about 10 minutes away. I then had to run from the car, in the rain. I just made it with 2 minutes to spare! Maybe having such a stressful start allowed me to enjoy the treatment more!

When I arrived in store I was greeted by the lovely sales assistants and was welcomed to sit down. I was offered a hand massage but as my hands were full with my jacket, scarf and bags I said no. I wish I’d taken up the offer now though! I had a little wonder around then sat at the table waiting to be take into my spa room.

After a few minutes I was greeted by Steph who was just lovely! She took me downstairs into the Spa and hung up my jacket for me.  We then sat at an old wooden table in a cottage themed room. Which, of course, smelt amazing. Steph then explained to me that the LUSH spa is set out as an old Devon cottage, so it feels really relaxing and very British. It helps to create a sense of calm and makes you really feel at home. Steph then talked me through the process of the Synaesthesia treatment and what I can expect from it.

To start off the treatment I was asked to read the writing on the wall and choose a word that stood out to me. I didn’t give it too much thought, just choose the word that makes an impression on you, and what you want to get out of this treatment.

The word I chose was ‘mind cleanser’ as I really wanted to refresh my mind and clear it of any worries and stress I was feeling at the time. Once I had chosen my word I was asked to write in on a little black chalk board and hand it over to Steph.

After I had passed the chalk board on to Steph she then sat down and showed me the Mind Cleanser massage bar that she will be using. She allowed me to smell it and explained what was in it. It smelt of fresh eucalyptus and citrusy lemon. The kind of product you would use when you have a cold or feel ill. It really cleanses your sinuses and helps to refresh your mind.  I was very happy with my choice.

Steph then turned my attention to a shelf with lots of different bottles on, that are all different shapes, sizes and colours. They all had individual labels on, I was asked to have a good look at them all and choose which one stood out the most to me. Similar to the words on the wall. Steph went through to the spa room and set it up whilst I carefully chose my bottle.

The bottles reminded me of Alice in Wonderland a little with the potion looking bottles display. The one that I was drawn to straight away was ‘Free’. It was a bold red colour and the word ‘Free’ meant to me that I could escape the ordinary and create my own dream escape. I also felt that mind cleanser and free work well together to create the ultimate relaxing combination.

When Steph returned she picked up my chosen bottle and welcomed me to the spa treatment room. The room was set out with the treatment bed in the middle, some candles, flowers, old china plates and jugs to help set a relaxing cottage scene. The dimmed lights created a sense of calm in the room. I then sat down on a little wooden chair in the corner near where Steph began to pour ‘Free’ into a jar to create some very lovely smelling steam. She walked around to the other side of the room which allowed the scent to spread.

I was then asked to undress down to my underwear and lay down under the towel on the bed (once Steph had left the room). Once Steph returned she started the playlist and began the treatment. The smell of the mind cleanser bubble bar was the perfect choice, it really allowed me to clear my mind and completely relax which I usually struggle to do.

The massage was choreographed to mirror the sound track, which helped to set the scent through night time, morning and then afternoon. I felt as if I had had a long, relaxing nights sleep and woke up to a blissful morning with birds chirping and the sun shining. Being someone who struggles sleeping, I felt revived and rested.

My favourite part of the massage was the neck and shoulders as my muscles were really tight and full of tension. The 80 minutes felt like it lasted 24 hours (like a whole day) and completely uplifted my mood and transformed my mind to a better place.

After Steph had completed the treatment, she didn’t rush me and allowed me to get up and get ready in my own time. She asked me to walk through to the kitchen again once I was ready to.

Once I had gone through to the kitchen Steph had made me a cup of herbal tea. She explained that it was made from the same ingredients as the massage bar she used. It tasted fresh and really worked wonders for me, especially as the weather outside was rainy and cold. It was refreshing and felt very soothing for my sinuses.

As I drank my tea, Steph sat with me and asked how I was feeling and if I enjoyed it. She also presented me a LUSH tin which had a Mind Cleanser massage bar (a fresh one) and also a Mind Cleanser bubble bar inside. These were actually given to me to take home and enjoy for myself so that I could take a part of the spa home with me. I thought it was so generous and I was super excited to take them home and use them.

I was then also surprised with a LUSH bag with some presents inside. As its was my birthday and they knew I was a big fan of LUSH products (thanks Sophie for mentioning my blog to them!) they gifted me a couple of products. I was SO excited to receive these and am in love with the products. LUSH really didn’t have to give me anything but a huge thank you to them as it was so kind!

I was gifted the Plum Rain shower gel (yuuuuum) and the Titsy Totsy bath bomb. Which are some of my faves! Robert loves the Plum Rain collection, so I’m sure he will enjoy the shower gel too!


Included with my gift was a ‘Pay It Forward’ note that I have kept and will pass forward my own random act of kindness. I think that is such a great thing and can make someone   very happy when they don’t expect it! So I can’t wait to put a smile on someones face.

After receiving my lovely gifts Steph gave me time to sit down to drink my tea, and enjoy the last few moments of the LUSH spa. There was a bathroom/toilet with lots of LUSH products for customers to use before they go. I used a soap and a sprits of a Gorilla perfume. I can’t remember which one it was, but it was lovely! I’ve never owned a LUSH perfume so that will definitely be one of the things I pick up on a future LUSH trip.

I want to say thank you again to Roy and Sophie for my present, I really enjoyed every moment of it, and will be returning to the LUSH spa again when I’m over in the UK! I have already made a lot of friends and family want to visit and planned to go with them on my next trip! I’m looking forward already!

Thank you to Steph at the King’s Road store for her customer service, she was amazing and really made me feel special. It was everything I wanted it to be and more and can’t wait to return! Thank you to the girls that were working on the shop floor that day in making me feel welcome and creating such a lovely atmosphere in the store.

Also, thank you to Robert who wanted outside for me with an M&S sandwich and a Starbucks hot chocolate. You are the best and I am very lucky!

I hope you all enjoyed this very long blog (oops) and let me know if you have ever been to the LUSH spa or if you want to go! There are so many treatments that they do and I want to try every single one!

Love, Abby x



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  1. This sounds amazing, I even feel sorta relax now after reading that 😂 definitely think I’m going to go to the Lush Spa near me as a post-exam treat once they’re over!

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