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Mental health is something very close to home, it has been apart of my life for a long time and affected many people in my life too. I wish I could make everyone feel better within themselves or banish mental health all together. Although I can’t do that, I believe that every little helps. Help comes in all shapes and sizes but it all matters.

There are many ways to help people or someone you know struggling with mental health by simply talking about it to them, creating awareness to other people, donating to charities, sharing your own personal stories and many many more.

We are lucky to have so many amazing people/charities/organisations that aid people with mental health, or give a supportive hand to those suffering with the awful disease. Some charities/organisations I particularly love or have heard brilliant things about are;

If there are any other organisations or charities that you know of please comment them down below incase you are able to provide help to someone else!

Today I want to share with you a charity that supports women’s mental health and raise funds through a campaign during the month of September called ‘Liptember’. Liptember is a campaign to help raise awareness towards womens mental health and aim to educate people around the topic of mental health. Not everyone is aware of how mental health is a problem for some women so by creating more awareness is helping to set the future and change the stigma that (stupidly) surrounds mental health currently.

The funds for this campaign are raised by Liptember selling official lipsticks and by people signing up to take part in the September campaign. People are asked to raise money from family, friends and anyone willing to help. Once you have signed up to fundraise for the campaign you are committing to wearing a Liptember lipstick for a day/week or the whole month of September. The funds raised are then donated to various mental health charities such as; Centre of Women’s Mental Health, Lifeline, Batyr, RUOK?, The Jean Hailes Foundation, The Pretty Foundation.

I donated money to someone I know that is taking part in the campaign and raising funds for the charity. Unfortunately I ran out of time before the beginning of September but I wanted to help more. I did some research and looked around the website and came across the ‘Liptember Bag 2018’ which is a goodie bag filled with all different beauty and health products for women which also raised funds for the charity. I thought this would be a great way to talk to you about the charity campaign by showing you the contents. The bag costs $40 (AUD) and you are given SO much inside!

There are a limited amount available, but if you are interested you can check it out here! Be quick if you don’t want to miss out! If you can’t donate then alternatively you can talk about the campaign on social media and share using the hashtags #LIPTEMBER and #KISSAWAYTHEBLUES.

Here’s what you receive inside…

The bag includes products from Sally Hansen, Nivea, Blooms, Garnier, Redwin, Manicare, Proactiv, Biore, Swisse, Dr Lewinn’s, Life-Space, Skin Republic, Voost, St.Tropez, Skin, Refresh, Rimmel, Elyptol, Thursday Plantation, W7, Carmex, Neutrogena, Femfresh, Twinings, Healthy Care, Patch, John Freida, U by Kotex, Swisspers, A’kin, Kool’n’Soothe, Mercedes-Benz, Michael Buble, Cadbury. Valued at over $320.

Here are my favourite picks from the bag for 2018 and why I am so excited about them!..

Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious Volume Booster

This has come at the most perfect time! I have recently had my hair cut into a short bob which needs constant volume to prevent it from sticking straight down my face. Added volume is amazing and really makes it easier to style hair quickly, it also has a really nice fragrance to it which makes me want to use it all the time!

RRP: $5.95 200ml

Biore Micellar Water

I am loving charcoal products at the moment, they work so well on my skin and give me amazing results so this jumped out at me. I am super excited to see if this will work well too. I am very lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off so lets see how I go with this…!

RRP: $4.95 75ml

Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Wipes

As I said, I am lazy at taking my makeup off, which often means I use a wipe to take it off.  These wipes have cleansing and purifying properties that benefits the skin in so many ways. Especially when you are removing makeup and excess dirt from your face, you want to know you are giving your skin a break and really cleaning it well.

RRP: $7.99 25 Pack

NIVEA Lip Sparkle Lip Balm

These lip balms literally are my favourite thing in the whole bag purely because they have sparkly packaging! They instantly reminded me of Christmas and well if you’ve seen some older posts you’ll know I get very excited about anything slightly festive. I was a little bit disappointed when I opened them up and they weren’t colourful inside. However I like by lip balms because I have always suffered with dry chapped lips around  the colder months so these will be perfect for me when I move back to England during their winter. Shea butter is one of my fave ingredients as it leaves my lips silky soft!

RRP: $9.99 Mixed Colour Set of 3

Garnier Skinactive Gel Wash

When I am willing to put effort into my makeup remover routine and really want to pamper my skin I try to use a gel wash as I find them more refreshing that creamy face washes. Refreshing face washes always make me feel more awake and my skin cleaner. I’ve had very oily skin lately too which the green tea ingredient will be able to sort out by removing excess oils on my skin.

RRP: $9.95 200ml

Rimmel OH MY GLOSS! Lip Tint

I’ve added this into my favourite items because I love the feeling of this on, its a very soft shiny gloss without being sticky like most glosses are. The shade I was given is 100 Smart Pink, which is an almost clear gloss. Once applied to the lips it doesn’t show any colour so therefore doesn’t tint my lips, however it does feel nice on and does look very pretty. I think it would work well over a darker lipstick to add extra shine.

RRP: $14.95 Mixed Colours

Cadbury Milk and Dark Chocolate

I added this in because I am a chocoholic, I love Cadbury and especially this flavour. Robert doesn’t like dark chocolate but I do, so when I buy this flavour we get a mix of both which Robert actually likes so I was very happy to receive these! I will be sure to enjoy them (probably share them too).

RRP: Different in every shop!

DR. Lewinn’s Hand & Nail Cream

Dr. Lewinn’s is one of my go to brands when I need a specific thing such as Bio-Oil, cream for sensitive or really dry skin. Coming into winter (in England) my hands really dry out and need cream all the time, this cream in particular gives a thick layer of moisture to hands and also nails and cuticles too! I love that it benefits both hands and nails and helps to soften and nourish for a long period of time. It has a very subtle scent of aloe vera which I think most people would quite like too.

RRP: $29.95 100ml

Twinings Infuse Cold Water Infusions

I don’t know if this counts because I’ve actually been using this for the past week, I came across it for the first time when I was in Sydney and was so intrigued I had to try it. I normally drink hot herbal/fruit teas all the time or sweet iced tea. I love love love these cold tea infusions because it helps me drink more water and adds a really nice flavour to your water! My current favourite flavour is watermelon, strawberry and mint. It is refreshing and is soo nice ice cold!

RRP: $2.50 Assorted Flavours

W7 Kiss Lipstick

 This is the colour I was given in my Liptember bag, at first I wasn’t sure if I would wear a bright pink lipstick but I switched it and fell in love! You can see a slight shimmer in the colour which shows up more once you have applied the lipstick and it is such a gorgeous, subtle, shimmery pink shade which I will be wearing throughout the rest of September to helps show my support for women’s mental health!

RRP: $4.99 Mixed Colours

It seems like such a simple and silly campaign to wear lipstick to raise money, but it is so much more than just that. It is most importantly raising awareness for mental health and  those who suffer from it. It is not black and white, it doesn’t come in one form and it is not always easy to see. That’s why just one like or one share about mental health can have a positive domino effect and teach the next person about what it is. We need to stand together, raise awareness and create more help for those who need it.

Share your pictures on social media by using the hashtags using #LIPTEMBER #KISSAWAYTHEBLUES

If you are struggling with any form of mental health please don’t be afraid to reach out to  a family, friend or co-worker, even a stranger! You will be supported and never alone. There are so many people that suffer in silence because they are unaware of the help there is or are too afraid to ask for help.

If there’s anyway I can help, you can send me a message or visit any of the pages I have linked.

Everything will get better.

Love, Abby x

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