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Hello again lovelies!

Two posts in two days? I know right, what’s going on? I don’t often get time to post on my blog so I am making the most of any spare time I get, and focusing on my own little space on the internet!

Today’s post is really fun and a little bit different! It is all about me but also to admire the amazing bloggers that I have discovered! I hope you enjoy reading this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it up!

Thanks to the lovely Niamh from Niamh R Blogs I have been nominated for my second Versatile Blogger Award! Please go and check out lovely Niamh’s award blog post and show her lots of fabulous support. Niamh is currently taking part in Blogtober and is doing amazing at it. Over half way through now and she is smashing it!

So, What Is It About?

If you haven’t heard of the Versatile Blogger Award it is a Blogger award that helps to connect with fellow Bloggers and to appreciate all the hard work they put in. It’s a fabulous way of letting your fave bloggers know you support them and you want more amazing people to find them out! You also get to learn some really interning facts about each Blogger and feel more connected to them! You can read my first nomination post here to find out more about me and see what I wrote!

The Rules:

  • Accept the award by writing your own Versatile Blogger Award blog post,
  • Thank the lovely blogger who nominated you (thank you Niamh!),
  • Introduce yourself by writing 7 facts about yourself,
  • Finally, nominate 15 bloggers that you think deserve this award and let them know!

My 7 Facts:

  • Around 15 years ago, I spent my whole school summer holidays learning Sign Language so that I cloud communicate with people who can’t hear words. (I don’t know too much now, but I remember how to sign hello, thank you, turtle and the alphabet. I hope to learn more soon!).


  • I suffer from nightmare almost every night, and I have done for as long as I can remember. It goes along with my fear of death and I still haven’t found a cure for it. Before I go to sleep, I can tell if I am going to have one that night. So far I am 100% accurate.


  • I am 5’1 and people always ask me how school is going. Keep in mind, I am 21 years old and have been out of school for 5 and a half years. Ha, let’s all laugh.


  • When I was younger I had an imaginary friend called Leonardo, he used to come everywhere with me. I remember being in a spelling test in Primary school and asking him how to spell it. I was an only child for 9 years, I had to use my imagination, ok.


  • My favourite type of fashion is an oversized jumper, black skinny jeans and chunky boots. Jumpers take up over half of my wardrobe space.


  • I was born in England in a town called Ashford, Surrey. Moved to Perth Australia, and in less than 6 weeks I am moving back to England to a city called Sheffield in Yorkshire with my amazing partner who is from Sheffield.


  • My favourite comfort food is roast dinner or just roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings with gravy. I will literally eat 11 roast potatoes with a bowl of gravy.

My Nominations:

I just want to say I absolutely adore each and every one of these Bloggers and think they deserve so much amazing recognition! Some of these lovely ladies I have inly just come across and some I have been following for a while. I am really looking forward to reading through your facts and learn more about you all…

My amazing nominations are;

Good luck everyone and be sure to let me know once you have accepted the award and written your post!

Hope you’re having a fab day!

Love, Abby x


14 thoughts on “the versatile blogger award |My Nomination

  1. I’m sorry to hear you have nightmares every night 😦 that must be so scary! also, maybe people are asking (i live in America I’m not sure where you live) about school because 21-year-olds are usually in their last year of college, I’m currently going through that right now so the amount of like ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ questions are off the charts, lol! Great post and congrats on the award!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! I’ve had them pretty much all my life! They suck and I just can’t get rid of them!🙈 Oh haha, I live in Australia (originally from England) and school finishes at 17/18 years old here! I never know what I want to do with my life, I’ll figure it out some day! Thanks so much!😁💖


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