We’re Going Home | Moving

Hello my lovelies!

Since I started my blog, I have never stuck to a routine (apart from Blogmas 2017) or been able to post often. Even though I have no normal schedule and post when I feel like it or have an idea… You bet that I will be taking part in Blogmas this year which I am SO excited about! However, I do have some explaining to do…

Please bare with me at the moment, I am trying to get organised for Blogmas this year however you may or may not know that Robert (my partner) and I are actually moving back to England (from Australia) today 27th November 2018. I am posting this on my last day in Australia to mark the occasion of the start of our next adventure.

– A little history –

Robert was born in Sheffield, and moved to Perth, Australia  over 10 years ago with his family; Mum, Dad and Brother.

I was born in Ashford, Surrey and moved to Perth, Australia just under 5 years ago with my family; Mum, Step-dad, Brother and Sister.

My mum had always wanted to move over to this side of the world, it was originally New Zealand but she realised that Australia could offer us more as a family. I personally took a lot of convincing to move over to Australia, I fought and resisted it for many years. However in a strange turn of events I decided to go, see how I got on, convinced I would return within a month.

So, we arrived and I stayed for 4 years, 10 months.

During that time I have visited England 4 times, travelled and explored so many countries that I never would have from the UK, I’ve gained so much more life experience, and I found the love of my life. It’s not been a terrible 5 years, there has been ups and downs but for me now, it’s time to go home.

Our reasons for going home range in all different sizes, some major reasons and some, less important. One of the most important reason for us returning is to be closer to more family and friends, it feels as though a lot has happened in the past few years such as big family events like birthdays and weddings, new additions to the family and even a small gatherings at a bbq. It will be comforting to have endless support around, and be there for most if not all of the occasions.

We also dream of travelling around Europe, seeing the sights and having new experiences. Whilst being over in Australia we have been lucky enough to experience some amazing places and exciting new countries such as New Zealand and Indonesia. We both left England as children so we were not able to explore Europe in all its glory, but now is the time and on our bucket lists are Amsterdam, Prague, Italy and Bulgaria. Of course, we would love to see it all, it’s just these places are on top of our lists!

It also benefits us more in terms of work, Robert has studied health and safety at university which means he has a broad choice of career paths, he has previously worked at an airport in Perth, but there are so many more job opportunities over in the UK. I have always dreamed of working in the fashion industry, ideally in the buying sector but I’m willing to give any part a try! In Australia, especially Perth there is not a high demand for fashion , at least no where near as much as  England and the whole of Europe. So, hopefully it turns out for the best and we’ll land in our dream jobs. (I doubt it, at least at first, but dreaming can take you somewhere, right?).

The less important factors for our move come down to missing home comforts such as, a proper pub lunch, nothing fancy, just simple and delicious. 24 hour supermarkets and late night shopping, not just on a Thursday and of course, the food. I miss popping into Tesco’s for a lunchtime meal deal, having endless choices of crisps, and then my favourite bottle of Oasis. One of the biggest things I do miss is Greggs. You know, the cafe, with the best sausage rolls, yummiest baguettes and the most delicious Tottenham cake. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I order every time.

– Some of my fave snaps from living in Australia –


Life is full of adventures. If you’re not happy where you are or with what you’re doing then take those risks, try something new and let life take you on a different journey to find your happy place.

Sometimes, risks turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Enjoy yourself, always.

See you on the other side!

Love, Abby x

5 thoughts on “We’re Going Home | Moving

  1. I’ve always wanted to live in Australia, particularly in Sydney! Looks like you’ve had the best time in there and you’ve found the best people! I love all of the memories that you shared with us. I’m so looking forward for your future posts, Abby! I’m so excited for you! Xx



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