picking our Christmas tree| Blogmas Day 1



Today is December 1st which means Blogmas starts today! Blogmas is a series of festive posts leading up to Christmas Day, usually 24, but you can interpret Blogmas in your own way! I took part last year and managed to complete all 24 posts, so I thought I’d try again this year. I enjoyed writing my posts so much last year, let’s hope I can complete Blogmas this year too!

Last years Blogmas post was ‘My Oh So Festive Playlist’, you can check it out here – Blogmas Day 1 2017

This years Blogmas day 1 is all about a trip to pick our family Christmas tree. We visited Elveden Farm where they have Santa’s Grotto, ice skating, festive gift shops and of course, a Christmas tree farm.

We started out with the ice skating that we pre-booked online. We all got our skates and got ready to step on the ice. Unfortunately we were left disappointed with the ice skating as it was a tiny little square of plastic pieces all set out on the floor inside a gazebo. This meant that you could not properly skate on the ‘ice’ as the blades had nothing to go into. A lot of people were feeling over and couldn’t maintain their balance. We gave it a little go and tried to make the most of it, however after about 5 minutes we gave up trying to make it fun. The skating cost £9 per person for 45 minutes, we feel this was not worth the money and definitely not ice skating.


We then met some Reindeer, one of them was called Comet, which I thought was very suiting! They seemed really happy and had regular breaks throughout the day. I didn’t stroke them but managed to get a couple of cute pictures.


After meeting the Reindeer we walked around the Christmas tree farm to choose our tree for home. The trees smelt amazing, a smell that I have missed so much over the past few years. We had a couple of family photo shoots and enjoyed looking at all the different size trees. We only needed one for the downstairs kitchen and we found one that was the perfect size! There were so many cute dogs there too, these dogs pulled the trailers that carried the Christmas trees to peoples cars. We didn’t use the ‘dog service’ but they did look very cute!


We had some time left over before the taxi came so we all got a hot chocolate and visited the little festive gift shop. We found a few little Christmas presents in there and got ourselves some stuffing mix to use on Christmas Day.


We’ll be decorating the tree tomorrow so we can allow the branches to drop a little bit before the decorations go on.


I hope you enjoyed reading about our day out, and loved the pictures that we took.

Have you got your Christmas tree yet? I’d love to know if you have a real tree or prefer an artificial one that you can re-use each year.

Love, Abby x

15 thoughts on “picking our Christmas tree| Blogmas Day 1

  1. A great Blogmas Day One post Abby! The photos you took are so good, they look incredible! You’ll have to teach me how you take such great photos – especially the ones of the Christmas trees!

    I’ve never had a real Christmas tree before as we have always stuck to buying a fake one to last us a few years. Hopefully, when I have my own place in the future I’ll get the chance to have a real Christmas tree ❤

    Amy xx | fleurdubelle.blogspot.co.uk

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    1. Aww Amy this is such a lovely comment. Thank you so so much!
      Some were taken on my iPhone 7+ and some were taken on my Olympus Pen camera. (I was recommended by a few bloggers to use that camera haha). Then I’ll take about 15 pictures of the same thing and pick my favourite! I’ve never realised before but I love taking pictures on Nature!

      If you do ever get the chance, keep a vacuum close by! The needles fall off every single day haha! But they look amazing! Artificial trees also look amazing, and personally I think once you add the lights, Christmas trees look beautiful and so magical!

      Thank you! You’ve made my morning already!❤️

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      1. I need to play around with my photos a bit more and take more so I have a larger selection to choose from 😊 Oo I might look into the Olympus Pen Camera! You should definitely take more of nature, your photos are incredible!

        Hahaha, I’ll have to bear that in mind, especially with the dog around! That is so true when a tree is decorated it looks so pretty, it’s my favourite Christmas decoration, other than stockings on the fireplace ❤

        Aww I’m glad ❤ x

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  2. The tree looks absolutely perfect! We used to have a real Christmas Tree every year but now we use an artificial one as we have a dog and he likes to chew on the leaves that drop off otherwise. I do miss the smell though. xx

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  3. It looks like you’ve had a very magical & Christmassy day Abby! Very jealous!! I can’t wait to put my tree up later on tonight, have you got your tree up yet? 🎄🌟 XO

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