advent calendar haul | Blogmas Day 3

Hey again!

I know we are already 3 days in to Blogmas but I have only just received my advent calendar! It’s only a short post today but I’m excited to share with you which calendars I have this year! What advent calendar are you using this year?

My first one is a Lego advent calendar, I love this one as you receive a small toy that you get to build every day. It comes with a picture board so that you can add to the festive scene every day leading up to Christmas Day. I have always loved to collect and play with Lego, yes, even though I am a 21 year old adult!

It is sold at £25 and you can find it in many toy and department stores. I do recommend buying it in advance because they will sell out! I would definitely say it is worth the money you spend, you are given a lot Lego and can keep the toys after Christmas too.


Another that I have, well Robert has, is the Match Attax football card calendar. I came across this one on Amazon and decided it would be great fun to collect. We both used to collect them when we were younger and in the past couple of years have started to collect them again, we were feeling nostalgic! Each day you open the door to find a pack of 7 cards that you can then put in your collectors binder, play with or swap with friends.

On Amazon the calendar was £20 and I have still seen a few around in Newsagents and WHSmith. It’s great to open everyday, because it will be different overtime which can be really exciting! Especially if your child (or adult) is collecting them, it will help their collection grow! The individual packs are £1 each so by the end of the advent period you save a little bit of money on the packs too!

Last but not least my chocolate Thorntons advent calendar! I had some problems with the post but I finally have it! I’ve tried for the past few years to get my hands on a Thorntons advent calendar but living in Australia I couldn’t have one! I decided to have the calendars personalised just so we got the whole experience of course! each day you receive a delicious chocolate to enjoy and on the last few days leading up to Christmas you get a bigger snowman chocolate!

The calendar costs £7 and the personalisation is free! I have always been a fan of Throntons chocolate so for me it is a perfect treat every day!

Advent calendars are just a bit of fun and I think it makes December just that bit more exciting too!

See you tomorrow,

Love, Abby x

14 thoughts on “advent calendar haul | Blogmas Day 3

  1. Yayy you advent calendar finally arrived! I still haven’t received by Godiva one – I hope it turns up tomorrow 😦

    Thorntons: The Snowman and The Snow Dog’s advent calendar is the cutest, I should have ordered a Thorntons one as well haha!

    Amy xx |

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    1. It did, although when I saw the postman come, he delivered it to another house! Luckily they were really nice so they came and dropped it to us straight away! Oh no! Do you know when it’s coming?! That’s crazy! I hope it comes today for you!! Just think you’ll get to eat 4 haha!

      Isn’t it just! I personally think the Snowman film is so magical! I love it! Haha there’s still time 😉

      Thank you! Xx

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      1. Aww, it’s good they were able to come and drop it off straight away, I know sometimes we don’t see parcels for at least a week because they are still at our neighbour’s house. I’ve messaged them and just waiting for a reply now, so hopefully, they’ll reply today or it gets delivered today. That is what is keeping me patient, thinking about all those chocolate treats to eat when it’s here haha!

        The Snowman is definitely a Christmas classic! I’m going to re-watch it when I’m back home at my parent’s house ❤


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