top 5 netflix films this christmas| Blogmas Day 4


Welcome to Blogmas day 4! The weather is getting a lot colder now, the tree branches are looking frosty and we’re all reaching for that extra blanket at night time and turning up the fire (or the heater). Whilst you’re all snuggled up with your blankets and hot chocolate, why not cosy up and watch some festive films to prepare you for Christmas.


Today I am sharing with you my list of Netflix’s top 5 Christmas films, that I have watched and loved! One of my favourite things to do around Christmas time is get comfy and watch festive films all snuggled up. I love a good ol’ cheesy film, especially if there’s Christmas songs and a festive romance!

My Top 5 Netlix Films:

  1. A Christmas Prince – Cheesy, predictable and a little bit magical, everything you want/need from a Christmas film. I’m yet to watch The Royal Wedding, but I’m sure I’ll love that just as much.
  2. The Christmas Chronicles – I loved this! Perfect for the whole family to enjoy!
  3. The Princess Switch – A funny, twist-turning film that is filled with Christmas spirit and of course, some magic.
  4. The Holiday Calendar – SO festive! I absolutely loved this film, and I really want to find a calendar like this one. The romance is so so cute too, without giving anything away!
  5. Merry Kissmas – Everything you need in a romantic love story, it’s here. It’s festive, fun and a little cheesy too!

Let me know if you’ve seen any of these or if you have any favourite Netflix Christmas films that you think I’d love too!

Love, Abby x


15 thoughts on “top 5 netflix films this christmas| Blogmas Day 4

  1. I love all the Christmas movies Netflix has been releasing at the moment. I’ve watched The Holiday Calendar, The Princess Switch, The Christmas Prince but I’m going to save The Christmas Chronicles for this week ❤

    Amy x |

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  2. Samantha and I have seen The Christmas Chronicles and we both loved it! I need to watch the Princess Switch, I have it on here. And I will definitely check out the other films on your list. I love this post, Abby! Xx

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