cracking christmas tag | Blogmas Day 10

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

Ahhh we’re already 10 days in and only 15 days away from Christmas!

Today’s post is another festive Christmas tag! This time I was nominated by the lovely Emma from Life of Emma X check out Emma’s post here to see how she answered all the festive questions. It’s a great post and you’ll learn so much about her though her answers!

1. Weirdest family Christmas tradition?

I must be boring, but I just don’t have any ‘weird’ ones. The only not so normal tradition (it’s normal to us) is that we save some presents until after our Christmas dinner. In the morning we open presents from Santa and our household and then later on in the day we open presents from friends and families! That way our Christmas Day goes a lot slower!

2. It’s Christmas Eve, what are you doing?

Every Christmas Eve when it turns dark in the evening, we all put on our cosy, festive pyjamas and then we spread some reindeer food outside the house and put out a mince pie, cookie, carrots and milk for Santa and his reindeer. Then we all snuggle up in a big cosy blanket and read The Night Before Christmas, it’s a special version of the book that I was given for my first Christmas in 1997. We take it in turns to read it out every year, I’ll carry this tradition on forever!

3. Top 3 Christmas dinner components?

Roast potatoes (about 10)

Yorkshire puddings

And of course,

Pigs in blankets

4. When do you decorate your house? November, the beginning of December, the week of Christmas?

If it was up to me, it would be November. At the moment, living at home means I’ll decorate when they do which is normally the first week of December. I actually look forward to it being the first week of December and it always makes the house feel all cosy and festive!

5. Loved and loathed Christmas songs?

Ooo this is a tough one, I put together a playlist of my fave songs but one of my all time fave songs would probably have to be Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. A loathed Christmas song, hmmm I’d have to say Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley but not because I dislike it, it’s just not one of my favourites. It’s not a happy, jolly Christmas song!

6. One big present or lots of little things to open?

I love having lots of little things to open, stocking fillers and small inexpensive things. I love presents like toiletries, chocolates, makeup etc!

7. What is your favourite Christmas decoration? (Include a photo if you have one)

I have so many sentimental Christmas decorations that I have collected over my life and they all mean so much to me.

One of my favourite decorations is my Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I got this decoration when we visited Disneyland Paris the first time, over 10 years ago! She also has a little bell that rings and she’s just so pretty, it never really goes with our themes but we have so many different ones that they stand out beautifully!

8. – Do you like to have a themed tree or one with a bit of everything?

We generally have a theme and we change it every year. Most of the time we do have a traditional red and lots of sparkle! As I said we do have a lot of sentimental ornaments that are all different colours, and change the colour scheme up a little bit.

9. Christmas pudding: yay or nay?

I wish I would say yay but it’s got to be nay. I really don’t like fruit puddings, I do love anything with chocolate though! Same with mince pies, I want to like them but I just don’t!

10. What’s at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year?

I don’t really have a Wishlist, I love surprises although every year I do ask for Snow Fairy shower gel from LUSH, it’s my favourite scent ever and I receive a bottle (or 3) every Christmas!

Thank you so much again Emma for nominating me, it was a really fun tag to be a part of!

My nominations are;





Have fun ladies, I can’t wait to read your posts!

Love, Abby x

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