A Weekend In Spain – And Life Update

Hello my lovelies!

Well… it sure has been a while! How are you?!

A Quick Life Update

So, around 6 months ago, Robert and I moved back to England (from Australia) and I can honestly say – hand on heart – I am so glad we did. I don’t know if it’s luck, or if we’ve fallen into our fate – but everything (touch wood) is perfect! Don’t get me wrong – being away from some of our closest family is extremely difficult – however, we have to do what’s best for us – and we are!


If you’d like a flat tour, it could be quite fun to share our home style with you!

We’ve both started our new jobs, both are going really well! Luckily, we found a flat to rent really quickly, so we have slowly been adding our little touches to it – to now feels like home! So far, so good! With the jobs we have now, it means we both have weekends off together – so we try and make the most of every weekend – it’s been so much fun!

That brings me to today’s post –

A Weekend Away In Spain!

We booked this trip around 12 weeks in advance, we knew we wanted to go away, we knew it would have to be at the weekend (we work during the week) and we didn’t want to spend too much!

You know those times when you just really need a break from your day to day routine – to be somewhere new, somewhere different – that was this time – I wanted/needed a lil break! Luckily enough, we could afford to go away for the long weekend in early May. I looked at so many different options in England, Europe and all over! I finally found an all inclusive hotel and cheap flights to Spain – perfect!

We flew on a Friday evening (after work) arrived around 2 am to our hotel and then stayed until early Monday morning! It was just a short trip – but it was amazing!!

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures from our little trip away – I’ve been so excited to share these with you! Let’s get into it…


We stayed at a The Barcelo Ponent Playa in Palma, Mallorca. The hotel room was good, it had a double bed, bath, TV and a balcony with the most GORGEOUS view!! The whole hotel was clean and tidy, with the beach one side and the pool on the other. It has an indoor pool, a club room and quite a large restaurant. We did have some issues with the food – but I’m not going to get into that! I would stay here again if it was a short break however, I don’t think I’d stay for longer than a week!

On the plus side – it was cheap and close to all we needed for the weekend!

Close to the hotel was a strip of shops and market stalls, mini golf, go-karting, arcades, so many kinds of restaurants and a sports bar! It definitely was a great location for things to do for families and even those without children had many places to sit and soak in the sun!

img_8575     img_8576img_8577     img_8578img_8581.jpg      img_8582.jpgimg_8596       img_8594

Cala D’or

We decided to make the most of our weekend by walking around for hours to explore Palma and see the gorgeous scenery. Cala D’or was recommended to us by a lovely couple we met in a sports bar – I am so gad they mentioned it – it’s beautiful!

There was a gorgeous harbour with boats bigger than houses and cacti bigger than I could imagine. It’s safe to say – I fell in love! (And now I really, really want a boat one day!).

img_8584      img_8587img_8588        img_8586img_8590        img_8589img_8592         img_8585img_8591


On our last full day (Sunday) we decided to go for another walk to see if there were any other places nearby that were just as beautiful, and to explore further around where we were staying. Amazingly, we stumbled across this hidden gem, that was just breathtakingly beautiful!! We sat down and just took the view in for a little while – we honestly did not want to leave!

With a view like this – it called for a mini photoshoot! Because, why not?!

img_8597       img_8598img_8600        img_8599img_8603        img_8606img_8605        img_8607img_8608         img_8609img_8610       img_8611img_8612

They are all the pictures that I took on our trip to Palma, Mallorca! I hope you enjoyed having a look through them and seeing what we got up to on our little trip away!

I’d love to know if you have any trips or holidays planned of this summer? Hopefully you can inspire me for our next trip too!

Speak soon,

Love, Abby x

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