24 Hour Restaurant Leftovers Challenge


On the world of Youtube is a current trend, that I have found myself obsessed with watching – 24 hour challenges. They are everywhere – it’s the new phenomenon on the internet – but I haven’t seen many blog posts featuring them yet!

I thought it would be quite fun to take part in a challenge and share it with all of you in my blog! After watching Emily Canham’s Youtube video ‘Eating Restaurant Leftovers For 24 Hours’ I looked into the app she featured and fell in love with the idea!

The app is called ‘Too Good To Go’ where you can buy leftovers from a choice of restaurants in your area! The term ‘leftovers’ doesn’t make it sound too good, however it is freshly cooked that day, but left over from the restaurants sales, it also make’s it so much cheaper for people who want a meal on the go, but don’t want to spend much, and also help reduce waste!

I thought it sounded quite interesting and so – Robert and I decided to make a day of it and visit Cambridge to take part in this challenge. We pre-ordered our food for the whole day. The app is super easy to use and if you need to cancel an order – you can straight away! You are given an overview of the types of food you may receive but no guarantee’s of what you’ll get. Ooooh the element of surprise!

When you get to your chosen restaurant you are given a ‘Magic Bag’ filled with all your leftover goodies! The whole concept sounded quite intriguing and rather fun!

Everything we ordered was highly discounted and we only spent £11.99 for the two of us, altogether, for 24 hours worth of food.

Restaurants We Chose:

Breakfast – IBIS Hotel

Lunch – Cafe Bread & Butter

Dinner – Nines Global Buffet

Dessert – Be Waffle

If you are particularly fussy with food this could be a bit tricky, but most places can cater for allergies and dietary requirements. Also, depending on how much you want to eat, one Magic Bag may feed 1 person and sometimes it may feed more!

You are given a time period to collect your Magic Bag from the restaurant, you are told the time before you buy. I think this is so important because otherwise you’d purchase and then might not be able to make the collection time.


IBIS Hotel – Cambridge

Cost: £2.25


2 Tomatoes

2 Hashbrowns

2 Vegetable Croquettes

3 Pieces of Streaky Bacon

2 Mini Croissants

We got served straight away and had to wait only around 3 minutes for the food to be given to us. The servers knew exactly what the app was and were really quick with the whole process.

The food was warm when we collected, which meant we could eat it straight away – YAY. It was presented in a recyclable box, however there was no cutlery given – so we had to use fingers! (We didn’t realise until we’d left and by this time we were so hungry that it didn’t even matter!)

You could tell it had been sat there for a little while and wasn’t fresh – but we weren’t promised that anyway. It did taste quite nice and kept both of us full until lunch! For what we got – it was definitely worth the money we paid and I’d get this again if I wanted a quick and easy breakfast out.

Overall Rating: 7/10


Cafe Bread & Butter

Cost: £3.49


Tuna, Mayonaise & Lettuce Baguette

Cherry Drink

We showed the server our receipt from the app, and he made us up a fresh baguette – which meant it took a little longer, however, we knew it would be fresh, and so worth it!

Once we found a spot to eat our lunch, we realised the drink needed to be opened with a bottle opener – fail!  So, we opened the drink when we got home – must say, I wasn’t a fan. It was really sweet, but Robert liked it! He must be sweeter than me…

I think we were hoping for a little bit more for what we paid, but it was fresh and tasted nice!

Overall Rating: 6/10


Nines Global Buffet

Cost: £3.75


Chinese Food

We were given a plastic tub and told to fill it up by going around the buffet ourselves. I was so impressed by this because the tub actually fit a lot in, and all the food was fresh – there were still other customers eating the food, and fresh trays being brought out.

Robert and I are big fans of Chinese food – so this made us super happy! We decided to take our dinner home, so we could warm it up and then plate it so that it would be easier to eat. There was plenty in the tub to feed both of us, which was fab! It all tasted delicious and we haven’t stopped talking about it since – we’ll be going back for sure!

Overall Rating: 10/10


Be Waffle

Cost: £2.50


2 Belgian Waffles

Chocolate Dipping Sauce

We originally ordered this to have for breakfast – but I’ll explain why that didn’t to plan!

As soon as we go to the front of the queue, our ‘magic bag’ was already waiting for us, and the server gave us some tips on how to make it taste the best. Toast it, don’t microwave it. This meant it wasn’t already cooked, so we couldn’t eat it straight away. Luckily, we managed to order something else to pick up, we were so hungry! 10/10 for service, super friendly and efficient.

The waffles were super easy to prepare, we toasted them for a couple of minutes each, and then melted the chocolate drops in the microwave. It turns out, we were so glad we saved them for when we got home – they were delicious!

Such great value for money, 2 full size waffles and dipping sauce – perfecto!

Overall Rating: 9/10

I definitely think we’ll be using ‘Too Good To Go’ again, especially when we are away for the weekend or out for the day! There aren’t any restaurants in our town that do it yet, so when we explore further, we’ll do it again!

I’d love to know if you’ve liked this post, I know it’s a little bit different, but it was so interesting and lots of fun! Also, if you have tried or want to try this app, I’d love for you to tell me what you think!

Love, Abby x

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