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One of my ultimate fave things to do is have a bath, whatever the weather, a bath is always my best remedy. When I’m not feeling too perky, or when I’m feeling right as rain – a bath is ALWAYS what I need.

I’m sharing with you some of my fave bath products at the moment, that help me fully relax and leave me feeling like the queen I am (Hair flick)!

Firstly, clear and tidy your bathroom – trying to relax while surrounded by clutter or mess just doesn’t work. Put things away and lay out your towel and pj’s (optional) ready for when you are done. I love to burn a candle too, it helps to set a calm atmosphere and creates a comforting scent and warmth in the air.


Then, run in the water to your desired temperature (I like mine scolding hot! Do you?). While the water is running, crumble under a bubble bar, add in oil, bath milk, bubbles or anything else you love. Are you a bubble bath type of person? I very rarely have a bath without bubbles!

While the water is running in, get all of the products you will be using and place them somewhere that is easy for you to reach whilst in the bath. When I’m having a full on pamper bath, I go all out, I use everything that I love.


Pop the kettle on, make your self a cup of tea. – I opted for green tea, but sometimes… it’s a wine – depending on my mood and the kind of week I’ve had!

Grab a book/laptop/phone, or anything you’d like to do whilst in the bath. Sometimes I just like to lay down and not do anything, but every now and then I like to have something to do to help me relax.

When the water has finished running in, pop in your fave bath bomb and watch as the colours fizz though the water, my fave are Lush bath bombs, they always look so majestic as they dissolve into the bath water. This creates a calm feeling for me, and gives the bathroom a gorgeous scent. Is anyone else so excited at the new Christmas release in Lush?


Once I’m in the bath, I’ll start to watch a youtube video or begin reading my book and then I’ll use a face mask, lay back and relax for a little while, allowing the mask to work it’s magic. Usually I use a clay or charcoal mask but I’m out at the moment, I’ve been trying to find a new brand to try – any recommendations?

You can then go to town and use all the products that you have lined up ready! I went for some face cleansing products, my new GRUUM razor, coffee scrub and some gorgeous body washes and conditioners. I am literally obsessed with bodyshop skin care, it always works so well with my skin, every time I’ve been into a store I get so much advice and know exactly what is right for my skin!


I usually make the most of my relaxation time and stay in the bath for 1 – 2 hours – then I’m just about wrinkly! Please tell me I’m not the only one who spends this long in the bath?!

I hope you find the time to take care of yourself and relax for a while, come away from reality for a moment and focus on your mind. Have a #SelfCareSunday and treat yourself!

Thank you for your love and support – it really means so much to me!

Love, Abby x


4 thoughts on “The Most Relaxing Bath | Routine

  1. I love the Montagne Jeunesse face masks! They’re normally about £1 or Primark sell them for 90p. I have just a small (very big) collection, the have so much variety as well. Love a bath but find the water goes cold quicker than that. Normally spend about 45 minutes max really!

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    1. Yes! They are so so fab! It’s always nice to have some put aside for a pamper day! I tend to top up the bath with hot water to keep it nice and warm – but totally agree, it does go cold! Thank you so much for your comment! x

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