A Very Autumnal Walk | Mental Health Update

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is a super cosy, autumnal inspired, chatty post. Recently, Robert and I visited our local forest for an autumn walk, to see all the orange, brown leaves scattered around and just a chance to get some fresh air have a good time together! Do you like to go on long walks during autumn? If you do, what sort of places do you walk around?

We are so lucky to have Thetford forest and Brandon country park just on our doorstep (well, not literally, but very close!) which means we often go for long walks – whatever the weather. It’s the best place to go for peace and quiet and I always find it’s the time to help clear my head and it relieves some of my worries.

Lately, it’s not been a great time for me. I don’t want to make this post deep or about my mental health, however, I want to let you know why there hasn’t been much activity on my blog or my social medias. My mental health has been the worst it’s ever been lately, and I have just been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. It’s been a very scary time for me, but I am now getting professional help and talking about it a lot more. My family, partner and best friend have been the most understanding and supportive people   and I really don’t know what I would do without them. They’ve seen me at my best and at my very worst. But now I am on the road to recovery and getting all the help I need. If you are suffering with mental health, you will be ok. It’s an awful illness, and finally I’ve realised how to get the help I need, and you can too. The NHS have been amazing, my GP has been great. There is treatment our there of everyone, it will be ok. I’ll be back to ‘me’ in the future, and I can’t wait.

This is why I find walks so helpful, it helps me to relax and clear my mind. Breathing in the fresh air, walking on crunchy leaves and taking in the colours and smells of nature definitely help to make me feel better. For the first time in a long while, I managed to put on some makeup and make myself feel a bit more ‘me’ and have mini photoshoot amongst the autumnal trees.

Now, I know Halloween isn’t over just yet, but I am extremely (over) excited for Christmas already and whilst we were walking through the forest we came across a while patch of Christmas trees! As you can imagine I was VERY excited about this, I just wish I could have one as big as these in my house – just imagine! Christmas tree goals right there! Is anyone else excited for Christmas already? Surely I’m not the only one… am I? Some of the trees had pinecones all over which Robert pointed out, look like decorations on a Christmas tree!


We then came across the most beautiful autumnal coloured trees and piles of orange and brown leaves covering the ground – the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot?! I attempted to throw a handful of leaves up in the air to make it look like they were falling all around me, I also tried to jump in some of the pictures. Enjoy my attempts at the ‘perfect autumnal photo shoot’.

I just want to say a massive, massive thank you to Robert, the most amazing person in my world. He has been my absolute rock, as always, but more than ever lately. Thank you for being so supportive and making me feel loved. Also, thank you for being the best photographer and taking 50 million photos of me! I love you so much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short, but sweet blog post and found the pictures as funny as I did! Happy Halloween to you all!

Love, Abby x

8 thoughts on “A Very Autumnal Walk | Mental Health Update

  1. Sorry to hear that things haven’t been good for you lately lovely but hopefully this is the start of your journey to recovery! We all struggle from time to time and it’s so important to speak out about it. And what gorgeous photos – autumn is perfect for an impromptu photoshoot! xxx

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  2. You look so cute and so happy in these pictures! Thank you for sharing a bit more about your private life and your mental health journey. Happens to the best of us lovely ❤ xxx

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