Putting Up The Tree | Blogmas Day 1

Happy Blogmas Day 1!


Can you believe it’s already December 1st? This year has completely flown by! However, I am so excited to be bringing Christmas content on to my blog, and sharing all my festivities with you… I hope you enjoy!

I first took part in Blogmas in 2017 where I did a post every day leading up to Christmas, then last year I didn’t quite complete it, but we had just moved back from Australia and we were travelling up and down the country – so, I let myself off!

Blogmas Day 1 2017, 2018.

This year, I am more determined to fulfil Blogmas as I have a brain full of ideas that just bring me so much joy! For the first time,  Robert and I are in our own home so we can go full on Christmas! One of the most exciting things about having our own place at Christmas is to pick and decorate our very own Christmas tree. I thought that would be the most perfect place to start Blogmas.

We took a trip to our local Christmas tree farm; Eleven. I think because we got there on the first weekend they were open, they didn’t have all the trees out yet, and no reindeer – but they will be coming soon! Aside from that, it was so cute and the trees just smelt A-mazing! Food trucks selling burgers, hot chocolates and cute stalls with face painting not forgetting Santa’s Grotto which is perfectly hidden in amongst a Christmas Tree walkway.


Once we had walked around the cute stalls, we went through into the next section where all the Christmas trees were laid out waiting to be picked. There were still more trees being put up so I imagine there will so many trees there soon! Elveden definitely are organised as all the trees were lined up in rows according to their size, which makes it so much easier looking for the perfect tree.

Top Tip: Measure the space you want to put your tree before you pick one to save the hassle of cutting it down when you finally get it home!

We decided to go for a 7ft tree to fill a corner of our living room, I really wanted it to make a statement in our home. Which I think it does! (Btw, Christmas trees are so heavy! Make sure you have help!).

Traditionally, we watch a Christmas film or play Christmas music while we decorate the tree… this year included! Thank you YouTube for providing the beat festive playlist!

I always start with the lights, which usually takes a while! Then, I laid out all of our decorations into groups of baubles and then more sentimental decorations. We don’t have many that are the same or part of a set, most of them are special ones we’ve collected over the years or been given, the tree may look a bit mismatched, but it means so much to us!

I am so happy with how it looks, the tree honestly brings me so much joy!

I’d love to see pictures of your Christmas trees!

See you tomorrow,

Love, Abby x

4 thoughts on “Putting Up The Tree | Blogmas Day 1

  1. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree but I can only imagine the amazing scent it would release into your house! My next blogmas post is going to be all about putting up our tree and decorations so stay tuned for that if you’d like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh definitely! The scent is one of my favourite things about it! You can get Christmas tree scented candles and oils which would give the effect of a real tree too!! 🎄 Thats so exciting, I definitely will! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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