Family Wreath Making DIY | Blogmas Day 2

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2!


Today’s post is a festive DIY that I did with my Nan, it feels me with joy and I’m so lucky to be creating these memories that I’ll cherish forever. Since I was a child, I practically grew up in a florist that both my mum and Nan worked at, so I always playing along with flowers and trying to recreate the masterpieces that they made. I was mesmerised and always felt I could embrace my creative side when ‘working’ in the shop.

That’s why this post means so much to me, I’m so happy to share it with you all, and I really hope that you feel cosy and festive after reading this! Enjoy…

Step 1:

Prepare your wreath by using a metal ring and tying a loop with string so you can hang your wreath when you’re finished. Then tie your string to the ring and begin securing the moss to one side of the wreath. Keep it in place by pulling the string tight and wrapping it round the wreath ring.

Tip – Keep the wreath flat on the table so you have more control of it to pull the string tighter.


Step 2:

Once you have covered your ring with moss, you can now use foliage to begin shaping your wreath, we used different types which helps create depth and gives it a bit of style.


Step 3:

Create a bow to go on the bottom in the centre, to create a statement.

Step 4:

When you’ve gone around the whole wreath, you can begin adding holly by either  gluing it on or attaching it with wire.

Tip – Wear gloves, as the holly is very prickly!


Step 5:

Go all out with your decorations! We added pine cones, baubles, dried oranges and apples. The oranges smell amazing on the wreath! This is the really fun part that you can do as you please, to match your theme at home!


Step 6:

Hang on your door, and enjoy the festive feel it brings!


I hope you have fun creating your own masterpieces and I’d love to see your creations, you can send me a picture or comment below to let me know how you get on!

See you tomorrow,

Love, Abby x

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