Decorating Our Bedroom For Christmas| Blogmas Day 3

Happy Blogmas Day 3!

For me, the lead up to Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. So, I try to incorporate a little bit of festive-ness in every room of our house. I decided our bedroom would be a great place to start, because having a cosy, warm room makes me feel so calm and helps me seep a lot better. Anyone else?

I started by hanging up curtain fairy lights along the back wall behind our bed, to create a warm, sparkly glow. This will also be the backdrop to a lot of blog posts and pictures which I am very excited for this year! I plan on keeping these lights up all year round!

Personally, having a night light or fairy lights helps me sleep better, I’m someone who doesn’t enjoy the dark very much so having a subtle lights calms me and helps set a cosy environment in our room, or anywhere around the home.

These lights are from Amazon and were £19.99, they come with a remote so you can have the lights on different settings, including the brightness. Which is fab if you want to use them as a night light!

Next, I put on our Christmas bedding which I absolutely love! It creates a cosy bed look and just makes me feel genuinely happy!


The finishing touch, and the most important park is of course, the Christmas tree! I managed to find the perfect skinny tree from Wilko, great for next to our bed. We picked up the colourful lights and baubles from Tesco because we thought they were quite fun for the bedroom to brighten it up!


Do you decorate anywhere in your home? I also have a ‘Merry Christmas’ bath mat in the bathroom – too extra?

I’d love to know how you decorate your home for Christmas, or any tips you have? I do love DIY ideas too!

Love, Abby x

6 thoughts on “Decorating Our Bedroom For Christmas| Blogmas Day 3

  1. Oh my gosh this looks so festive and cosy! You should definitely keep those fairy lights up all year round, they’re super pretty 😍 Love the festive bedding and cute little Santa cushion too 😊🎅🏻

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