Gift Guide For Those Difficult People | Blogmas Day 6

Christmas shopping can be tough, time consuming, expensive and difficult. Especially when we come across ‘those’ people we just HAVE to buy for. You know… the ones who aren’t into anything, don’t ask for anything or perhaps it’s a secret Santa gift for someone you don’t know too well… ‘those’ people.

So I’m hoping I can help you… even just a little bit! I’ve put together some ideas that I think are perfect or (at least) helpful and might even make Christmas gift ideas that bit easier for you, relieve the stress build up, or mean that you don’t even have to think!

Gift Guide

  • Food Hamper – filled with festive treats such as, mince pies, shortbread, cookies, cheese and crackers, chocolate or Christmas pudding. That way you’ve covered quite an array of food types so they are bound to like something in there! You could gift wrap them in a cute wicker basket or a festive gift box then add a big bow on top. You could even create different types of hampers, such as, beauty, toys, crafts or sports themed.
  • DIY Gifts – If it is someone you know really well, or someone that would appreciate a hand made gift then you could try, creating a picture gift with a photo frame. Include a picture of you together, or maybe a picture of something they like, add confetti, ribbons or quotes in there – to suit their style! You could bake some cookies or a cake – quite a popular choice for some!
  • Alcohol – Adults only, of course! Alcohol usually goes down well, especially if you know what they like. Gin, wine, beer, cider or even a festive Baileys! You could gift wrap it really nicely or place in a gift bag for ease!
  • Gift Cards – I know, it’s not the best idea. But actually, they come in really useful. If you have an idea of what they are into or shops they like to shop at, buy them a gift card for there. That way they can treat themselves to something that they’ll definitely like. Or if you’re not sure at all what they like, go for an Amazon gift card, or one of the gift cards that have multiple shops on it! If you want to make it extra special, make an effort with the gift wrapping!
  • Something Warm and Cosy – One of my favourite things to buy or even receive are pyjamas, a dressing gown, a blanket or even a scarf. It’s so simple yet is something that will be kept for years! Shops such as Primark, B&M or Matalan have a great selection of cosies and not too costly either. During winter, cosy and warm items are a necessity!

There are so many great gift ideas out there, and shopping at Christmas time should be as fun as possible. No doubt there will be last minute stress, or shopping but hopefully you can tick off the more ‘difficult’ people first!

I really hope this post helps you in any way, and that you enjoyed reading it! Let me know if you use any of these ideas, or even better… I’d love to know more of your ideas!

Love, Abby x

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