How To Stay Organised For Christmas | Blogmas Day 7

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, right? But sometimes the stress can overcome us and take the festive spirit away. I’ve put together some ideas to help reduce the stress and allow you to enjoy the festive period a little bit more!

This year is a very exciting one for me, as Robert and I are hosting Christmas in our home for the first time. Which means, we’ve got to be as organised as possible! There will only be 6 of us of Christmas Day but I want to make it as special and magical as possible for everybody, including the adults! So, I decided to try and keep it under control but staying as organised as possible, and getting as much done early in December as I can so that I can enjoy it all more!

Tips For Staying Organised At Christmas

  • Write Lists – Lots and lots of them! Writing lists allows us to keep a clear head and be able to physically tick off what we get done, as we do it. To make it easier, write the lists in one place, such as; your favourite notebook, post it notes on the fridge or even in your phone. You can write a list for anything; food shopping, presents, Christmas cards, rooms to tidy/clean and any decorations or last minute things you need to buy.
  • Delegate Tasks – Ask people around you for help, anyone that lives with you or people coming over for the big day. You can host Christmas at your house but everyone can bring a different dish, to prevent you from having to buy it all, and cook it all too!
  • Wrap The Christmas Presents In Stages – Sometimes we all over buy at Christmas, which means even more wrapping. One way to help condense it down is to start early. If you find you have a spare hour or even a spare evening, put on some festive tunes or a cosy film and pour yourself a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and begin to wrap some presents. This will make it more enjoyable for you and not seem as much like a chore. It also means you can enjoy more festivities rather than having to cancel plans closer to the day to wrap them!
  • Write A List (again) Of Presents To Buy- This will save you so much time and stress when you are out shopping. Instead of trudging endlessly around the shops undecided on what to buy, have a plan or an idea of what you want to get certain people, and where to get it from.
  • Organise And Prepare Your Food – Try to avoid last minute food shopping, otherwise you might find there’s no turkey or even brussel sprouts left. On most supermarket websites, you can pre-order online and select a delivery slot to save you time! Even if you can’t order online, or you don’t want to (totally fine, of course!) you can always prepare your food in advance. You can chop up the vegetables on Christmas Eve to save you time on Christmas Day and even cook your meat the day before too. That’ll mean you only have to warm it up on Christmas day!

Whether you are hosting Christmas this year or visiting someone else, I really hope you enjoy it! Take lots of pictures and create lots of memories, but most of all, eat lots of delicious food!

Love, Abby x

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